Secrets of Pavis

Ambushed in Pavis

In which our heroes are tricked by their friends and end up cornered

The party returned to Pavis, enduring the usual rigmarole with the Lunar bureaucrats at the gates. Allicus Garanthae went off to keep an eye on the politics of Suntown as instructed, and bade his farewells. The remaining party members started to make their way to Gimpy’s, when they were accosted by an ancient croneCrone who pointed at them, shrieking “You! You! You are the ones I have dreamt of! You are the movers and shakers! You!” (she pointed at Grom) “You are the deathbringer! You are the tactician! You are the general! You!” (she pointed at Skye) “You are the dragonfriend! You are the left hand! You are the purple-blooded one! You!” (she pointed at Xaraya) “You are the mystery! You are the sorcerer! You are the Arkat!”

At this point, Skye pointed out that violence was always an option and dragged the annoying crone down and alley and hit her in the head. She did so with sufficient force to kill her outright. Luckily, no-one witnessed the deed, and they ducked into the adjacent property, which happened to be Bob’s Bisonburgers. There they made the acquaintance of Mr Bobbs, the proprietor, the cook, a Storm Bull named Grungebob Deathpants, and the bizarre cashier, a sentient non-chaotic Walktapus named Walkward. Some quick negotiation later and Mr Bobbs agreed to dispose of the crone’s body. With the constant fighting going on between the customers, they managed to do this all without undue attention. As it happened, one of the Storm Bulls present recognized Xaraya as being from The Ibex People and pointed out that he and some others of his persuasion were planning an expedition to the Tunneled Hills soon, where there existed some Storm Khans of the Lesser Ibex. Xaraya took this under advisement.

The characters then made for their temples and, in Xaraya’s case, the Lhankor Mhy temple, to get more than a few magical items properly identified. Grom donated the takings from Nightfang’s pits to his temple, while Skye took the opportunity to have a proper bath at hers. Later on the party gathered at Geo’s.

While at Geo’s, the party were approached by Krogar Wolfhelm who asked them to help out. While at Garhound, the party had been alerted to the seduction of a young Pavisite woman named Dellica by Argorim Blacktooth, chief lieutenant of the spymaster of Pavis. They had been approached by Dellica’s boyfriend, whom Skye sent off with a flea in his ear, but Krogar was insistent that they do something about it, because Dellica’s father was from an influential Orlanthi family, and it was important that she be turned back to the storm. Reluctantly, the heroes agreed to confront Dellica the next day. As it happened, still being Sacred Time, the Lunars were embarking on an important ceremony the next day, the Naming Ceremony, by which they would ritually subjugate the gods of free Pavis and take their magic. There would therefore be a large crowd, and this might be the best chance to separate Dellica from Argorim.

Sure enough, as the crowd gathered in Temple Court, the party spotted Dellica and Argorim together, but Argorim was called away by a Lunar officer, and the party moved between the two. Dellica, they realized, was moving away from the court towards Rich Hill, and they started following her. They shadowed her to an alley, where they decided to confront her. They saw her talking to two figures at the other end of the alley. Imagine their surprise when the characters realized the two figures were their old foes Munkaar and Dzhingi. Xaraya cursed when she realized she had not prepared the party by casting her sorcerous protections on them that day. Things went from bad to worse when Dzhingi strode forth, made her way past Grom’s parry, and stuck him on the head with the pommel of her scA band of hoplites then appeared at each end of the alley, and leading the northern band was Argorim Blacktooth. Xaraya cast her Fly spell, but was thwarted by the alley being covered by thick canvas awnings. Unarmored, the party stood no chance, and agreed to surrender.

The party was taken into custody and Grom was revived. They were stripped of their weapons and drawn before a haughty Lunar priestess, whom they later learned was none other than Tala Errio, the High Priestess of the Red Goddess, whom they Lunars planned to wed to Lord Pavis, thereby drawing him in to their pantheon. She looked the heroes up and down, nodded, and ordered them taken to the Seven Mothers Temple. While being dragged there, they wondered why their friends had set them up.



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