Secrets of Pavis

The End of Fulmen and Vullen

In which the heroes break Sor-Eel's heart and settle an old score

There then followed an extremely complicated adventure in which the heroes, looking for a way to get back at Arantxa Vullen, uncovered a plot whereby she was blackmailing some of Pavis’ oldest and most well-though-of families over a love affair she had conduced with an heir who was engaged to another family’s heiress. Eventually, the heroes uncovered proof of the affair and used it to confront Sor-Eel the Short. The governor was dismayed at what his mistress had been up to and asked the heroes to take care of it.

The heroes began by tracking down the slippery eel Erastes Fulmen and forcing him to gain them admittance to his employer’s villa. In doing so, Xaraya had to give up her weapons, and Fulmen forced Xaraya into his room while the others were dealing with the villa guards, where he demanded that the lovely young nomad princess put on a dancing girl’s outfit and perform for him. Xaraya proved to be no slouch, even without her weapons, and was able to overpower her enemy and, it has to be said, torture him for the last piece of information she needed, before finally finishing him off.

Reunited with her companions, Xaraya now had all the information she needed about Lady Arantxa’s magical protections, and they confronted Vullen in her chambers. Lady Vullen, who seemed to have more than just a liking for black leather, also had a handsome male slave on a leash attached to a collar round his neck. Cornered by the heroes and knowing the gig was up, Arantxa jumped out of he window, using the leash and her slave to break her fall, also breaking the slave’s neck in the process.

Her escape was short-lived, however. Two well placed arrows from Skye and Xaraya brought her down, just as Sor-Eel arrived with his guards to arrest her. Glad that he did not have to deal with the embarrassment of a court case, the governor agreed to turn a blind eye to the heroes’ extra-judicial activities and allowed them to take their share of Lady Vullen’s possessions, while he cleared out any incriminating evidence she might have about the governor – of which there was apparently plenty. Sor-Eel told the heroes that this was the last indulgence he would give them, and any further trouble they caused him would lead to instant crucifixion.



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