Argorim Blacktooth

Unhygenic right-hand man of Gimgim the Grim


Argorim appears to be a hideous vagrant, but has shown a capacity to beguile attractive women.
His abilities appear formidable.


Blacktooth showed an interest in the PCs during their early encounters in Pavis, but was always seen only in the shadows. He may have had some influence over the judges who condemned the PCs to their punishment in the Danfive Xaron brigades.

Later, Blacktooth observed the PCs during the Garhound contests and lured them into the ambush in Pavis that led to them taking part in the (for the Lunars) disastrous Naming Ceremony.

Blacktooth disappeared into the Rubble with his master, Gim-Gim the Grim and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Argorim Blacktooth

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