(Kolli the Portly, head of the Jewellers’ Guild)

“Griselda? A very dangerous person, by all that I hear; I cannot understand why she is allowed to remain at large. Why, if you believe the stories, she is behind half the crime in this city, or knows who is. Weren’t her relatives implicated in that big warehouse robbery? Yes, I know that nothing was proved against them, but they had to leave the city, didn’t they? Surely that means the Watch knew something but couldn’t prove it. These days the Watch’s hands are tied: Fleeter Nemm is too concerned with “justice”, and not enough with the security of Pavis’s citizens. No, she has done no harm to me or anyone I know."

(Hareva Hardblow, initiate of Humakt)

“Griselda? Fine sword-fighter, really fine. Mind, I think she could manage with a bigger blade than that puny little sticker, but I suppose she’s used to it. That duel of hers with Red Hot, now, that was something to watch, and she showed some good moves against Carver Donan also. I’d turn out to see her fight any time, watch all day.

What do I think of her otherwise? We-ell — it’s a pity she’s not interested in the cult."

(unnamed Mostali encountered in the entrance hall of Dwarfside)

“Griselda? We have heard this name for many work-periods, but we have no interest in individuals, and certainly not in this one. None of her reported activities tends towards harmony with the World Machine, rather the opposite. I do not wish to discuss this further.”

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