Karstomye Khetu of Harmonious Intent

Pompous but accomplished Yelmite general exiled to the Grantlands


Karstomye Khetu of Harmonious Intent is a Dara Happan noble, who traces his ancestry back to Emperor Erzanestyu. One of his ancestors was one of the Seven Servants of Khordavu. Another attended Karvanyar when the Sun Dragon was overthrown. As a result, his family pride is something inconceivable. A proud follower of Emperor Yelm, Karstomye’s abilities enabled him to rise quickly to the rank of General in the service of the Lunar Empire. He secured victories in the Redlands over nomads and in Talastar over barbarian rebels, gaining the love of his troops. However, when he was put in charge of the pacification of Northern Esrolia, his arrogance and disdain for the natives (“Women in charge! Pfaugh!”) proved destabilizing to the point of near-disaster. The General has therefore been given a face-saving position as new Master of Red Cliff Domain in the Grantlands. None of his staff, except for his loyal batman Ghedefre, offered to come with him and the Lunars have offered no further help. His domain has no capital, few subjects and no infrastructure. All he has is his pride, and he has enough of that to spare.

The General rides the finest horse the PCs have ever seen. Ghedefre drives a cart drawn by an ass. In it is the General’s tempered gold and silver armor, the general’s goldspun tent (with cot, rugs, pillows, jugs, goblets, plates, chair and table) and his massive collection of maps. The general spends hours surveying these maps and, indeed, the only time he is not arrogant is when talking about these maps and explaining them and the craft of map-making. He will actually teach interested parties the basics of geography and mapping as if he were a paid tutor. The maps include charts of his camapigns, itineraries for travel across the empire and good old-fashioned maps of the empire, Dragon Pass, Sartar, the Holy Country, Esrolia, Prax, Pavis and Sun Counties and the River of Cradles. There is even a chart outlining the plans for the amphibious invasion of Heortland currently being built-up for, which he forgot to turn in when relieved of his command. Righteous Wind members will pay handsomely for this.


Karstomye Khetu of Harmonious Intent

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