Enigmatic shaman


You belong to the Rainbow Bison Tribe, one of the constituent tribes of the Great Bison Nation, one of the Five Great Nations of Prax. Your father was a great warrior in the Khan’s Guard, and your mother was a favored initiate of Eiritha the Herd Mother. When you were small, your family formed part of a delegation to the Longhorn Sable Tribe, led by Caylash, eldest son of the Khan. The mission was not a success, and Caylash quarreled with the Sable Khan. On the way back, the group stopped to eat, and drank kvass given them by the Sables. It was poisoned, and Caylash, your father and others fell dead.

At this point, the Sables attacked. They killed the remaining men and took the women as slaves. Most of the children were killed, but you were taken by an evil-looking Sable warrior with one ear. He drew his scimitar, which burned with flame, and held it close to your eyes, blinding you. He left you for dead in the wastes.

By some miracle, one of your tribe’s Shamans, Wahagrim, was spirit walking nearby when he came across the ghosts of the dead. He raced to the scene to cremate the dead using the spirit Oakfed, and found you close to death yourself. His son having died at around your age, he adopted you and raised you as a shaman, training you to use your other senses to compensate for the loss of your sight. He also taught you the ways of the spirits, particularly those of the Khan of all the spirits of Prax, Waha the Butcher.

Recently, you have been attached to the train of Moharo Blessed-by-Waha, Caylash’s younger brother and heir to the Khanate. You have been working with his shaman, Stars-Like-Night, who had accompanied three heroes for a while after being captured by trolls near Pavis. One of the heroes is Xaraya Greatbow, a princess of the now extinct Ibex People. By chance, when the Ibex still existed, Xaraya had been betrothed to Moharo. Although Moharo is now wed to Karnyne Widehips, a jealous woman with a ferocious temper, Moharo has decided that Xaraya should be his first concubine.

Moharo has therefore decided to send you to guard Xaraya from evil spirits, something that Stars-Like-Night suggested could destroy the princess and her comrades. He has also instructed you to ensure any man who shows an interest in her is “dissuaded” or suffers an accident, for he is convinced that when he becomes Khan, she will consent to love him. Moharo also believes he is the White Bull of prophecy, a great hero who will unify the Nations and lead them to destroy the Lunar Empire. A wise woman has told him that Xaraya and her friends will be instrumental in revealing the White Bull, so he wants you to send regular messages back to him using spirits. Stars-Like-Night has warned you that Xaraya holds Moharo in contempt…

You have also heard that a Sable bearing a Red Scimitar has been seen in the detachments working with the Lunars in and around Pavis. As Xaraya and her friends are known to frequent Pavis, this gives you the chance to avenge your father and your torture. And perhaps, also find your mother.

With all this in mind, you have ridden to Ronegarth, a fortress of a dissident Lunar noble on the edge of the Wastes, which is where Xaraya and her friends have a base. You can smell the stink of horses as you near it.


Secrets of Pavis Ultor