The Ghost of the Wastes

Arkati Shaman Trickster of the Wastes


His true name is unknown. Jaldon’s people call him Ka Faraq Gatri, the Wanderer of the Wastes. The Pure Horse People and the people of Pavis call him The Ghost. The Humakti of Tourney Altar call him Eurmal’s Bastard. He has been around the oases of Prax for at least a hundred years, and has caused problems for all the tribes of Prax and the Pavisites.

On one occasion, he stole Jaldon’s cleaver from the back of his steed and returned it to him in exchange for a simple cup of water. On another occasion he seduced the queen of the High Llama people on her wedding night, abducted the resulting baby, and returned him trained in all the martial and magical arts of Waha a decade later – he became a great hero.

He is the only person to have gotten Lord Pavis drunk and won one of the eyestones from Flintnail in a game of chance (Flintnail is not otherwise known to have gambled). He is known to be a riddler and a thief of magic. About half of those who encounter him report misery resulting from the meeting, while the other half report delight or reward.

On three previous occasions The Ghost has taken an apprentice. One became a great weaver of magic, who fought at the Clanking City before falling. Another returned to his tribe an imbecile. The third disappeared, never to be heard from again.


The Ghost of the Wastes

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