Secrets of Pavis

Two in a Row
In which Skye gets a Song of Her Own

After a couple of weeks training and Grom ministering to the Humakti trolls of the Gunddahaak clan, the heroes were once again visited by Krogar Wolfhelm, who bore some interesting news. Several of Sor-Eel the Short‘s closest confidantes, such as Gim-Gim the Grim and the dead governor’s brother Bor-Eel had disappeared – it was believed into the Rubble. Hucipites had asserted command and was calling himself Governor of Pavis.

However, Hucipites was, shall we say, lacking standing after his humiliation by Skye in The Naming Ceremony. He was known behind his back by all, including his troops, as Hucipites the Cock or, worse, Hucipites Cock-Out. Fuming at this, he had placed a bounty of 20,000 Lunars on Skye;s head. He had also ordered Geo’s Inn (where the heroes had been staying) sacked and the entire city block containing Geo’s burned to the ground. All the heroes’ possessions had been impounded. Moreover, Hucipites himself had taken to standing in the Market Square in full panoply every day calling Skye to submit to becoming his concubine or face him in single combat.

The heroes decided to return to New Pavis to recover their belongings. Skye in particular wanted her katana back before facing Hucipites. Krogar arranged for the party to meet with Brygga Scissortongue, Mayor of New Pavis, who had some ideas for retrieving the party’s possessions as a reward for ridding them of the tyrant Sor-Eel. She introduced them to the mysterious figure called Rat, who said that he could either lead the heroes through the otherworld to regain their possessions, or he could have his agents do it, for a price. They chose to have his agents do it, as they were flush with cash. As it happened, most of Skye’s possessions had already been retrieved, having been overlooked in the sack of Geo’s. Rat returned the next day with about three quarters of the missing belongings. Most sorely missed were Grom’s sacred shield, and yet more of Xaraya’s crystals.

Back fully equipped, Skye strode out to the market square at midday to meet Hucipites’ challenge. The duel began with an exchange of magic. Hucipites blew down Skye’s magical protections (most provided by Xaraya) before sidestepping Skye’s lightning bolt. Hucipites then cast a powerful defensive spell called Steadfast while Skye started summoning a Sylph. The Lunar then called down starfire upon Skye that hurt her somewhat. With almost all her magic gone and facing what might have been an impenetrable defensive wall in close combat, Skye had only one option before her Sylph arrived. She threw all her remaining magic into her javelin and hurled it, using the legendary powers she had obtained on an earlier heroquest. Vinga smiled on her, and her javelin passed through all of Hucipites’ defensive magic to pierce his eyeball and exit through the back of his helmet, killing him instantly.

Hucipites’ hoplites looked on silently as Skye stripped the body of its gilded armor before kicking him in the unmentionables once more for good luck. The common people of Pavis swarmed her and carried her to Gimpy’s for a victory celebration. That evening, The Minstrels Three were singing a new song:

She stood up to the man as she started to fly
Threw her javelin and gave him one in the eye
Our love for her now cannot be passed by
The hero of Pavis!
The girl they call Skye!

In the space of a few weeks, the heroes had slain two Lunar governors and chased many of the most powerful Lunars out of Pavis. The word Argrath was being bandied around…

The Naming Ceremony
Thrust unwilling and in some cases unclothed into a Lunar Heroquest, our heroes learn a little more about themselves and cause a major headache for Sor-Eel

Grom, Skye and Xaraya were dragged to the Seven Mothers Temple, where Cakor Deth arranged for them to be stripped naked, hosed down, and thrown into male and female cells, all with a great deal of charm. Grom was placed in a cell with a couple of Orlanthi rebels, while Skye and Xaraya were on their own. After a short period an elegant, older priestess of the Seven Mothers came to visit them in turn. She healed Grom’s head wound and, on seeing Xaraya’s scars from the vampire’s magic, she bathed the nomad princess, singing a healing song, causing her scars to vanish. When she had left, Grom’s cellmates marveled that he had attracted the attention of the Mother of Mercy, Berene Pavalava, priestess of Teelo Norri, darling of the poor of Pavis.

The next morning, Berene reappeared with a crate of boxes manipulated by two minions. They unpacked a series of ornate ceremonial masks, covered in rune markings and obviously of great magical power. She asked each of the characters to choose the one that appealed to them the most. Grom chose a hideous black mask adorned with his runes of Darkness and Death, that resembled a bat. Skye chose a copper mask depicting a beautiful green-skinned woman wearing a golden crown, that included her Movement rune and the Life rune also. Xaraya almost chose a mask resembling a horse, but remembered her Praxian ancestry and silver and copper mask of a beautiful brown-skinned goddess with green eyes and am enigmatic smile.

Grom’s cellmate Dimas told him that they had obviously been picked to be part of the Naming Ceremony that the Lunars were preparing the previous day. He opined that the ceremony was what gave them enough magic to keep the Red Moon in the sky. Grom thought long and hard about this.

In an hour or so, the heroes were dragged, still naked, out of their cells and through the streets, to the hoots, derision, and lewd remarks of Lunar soldiers, to the Air Temple, where the masks were fashioned about their heads. They were then given their “costumes.” In the case of Grom and Skye this consisted of little more than body paint – black in Grom’s case (although he also had a black cape of sorts) and green in Skye’s (all she had to allow her modesty were some palm fronds attached to her wrists, but at least she also wore an elaborate gilded necklace, bracelets and anklets). Xaraya’s costume was a little more elaborate, consisting of a Tashite dress with the midriff exposed.

They were then pushed into the main temple, where Krogar Wolfhelm stood, looking more than a little embarrassed. He called the heroes over to him and confessed that he had known that Blacktooth was looking to capture the characters to take part in the ceremony and that he and his allies had agreed that this would be a good thing for the Free Pavis faction, but that Xaraya was well-known for her antipathy to being caged. It was also essential, answering Xaraya’s objection, that the heroes must genuinely resist capture, to confirm their status as the best available candidates to play the “rebel gods” in the ceremony.

Krogar then explained that in the ceremony, the Emperor, that figure of hidebound unearned authority in Orlanthi legend, would attempt to assert his authority over the rebel gods by giving them names of subjugated Solar gods. However, if they were able to assert their own Orlanthi identity and resist the Emperor’s names, they would strengthen their own magic at the Lunars’ expense. Grom was clearly his own god, Humakt, god of death. Skye was Ernalda the Green Woman, the bringer of love and life, while Xaraya was Ernalda the Earth Queen, the mother of kings. By asserting these names they would also gain powers. Finally, in order to assist the heroes, Grom slipped the Arm-Ring of Duke Dorasar, part of the regalia of the Air Temple, on to Skye’s arm. He said that it contained a reserve of magic that the heroes could use in the ceremony.

The Lunars then intruded back into the temple and demanded that the pagan Storm worshipers begin their profane chants. Krogar led the prayers, and the heroes found themselves transported to the Other Side, the world of the gods.

They found themselves on a broad ledge surrounding an endless pit. Strange winged creatures swooped up and down, and Grom found that the cape enabled him to fly, although he chose not to take advantage. In fact, he was now a large black bat. Skye was the epitome of lust, and Xaraya the archetype of a regal queen. There were other denizens of the pit, who chose to talk to the hero-gods largely in riddles, while the only way out of the pit was a huge door of bronze valves guarded by a massive skeletal monster bearing a huge club and a whip.

One of the swooping creatures appeared to pay a particular interest in Grom. The Blue Bat spoke in gibberish until he flew around Grom and said, “Who are you? How did you survive? You are dead – I had you killed.” Grom immediately reached out and grabbed the Blue Bat by the leg, pointing out that he was not dead, he was death. He broke the blue bat’s leg and wing and sent him spinning into the endless pit.

Grom/Humakt was about to try a similar technique on the monster by the door when the monster opened the door, and the gods of the pit were escorted out into an elegant plaza (“most tranquil” was the judgment), that led to a grand ziggurat. Gods and goddesses milled around the plaza and the ziggurat, but all eyes were drawn to the magnificent spear-wielding god atop the steps, the Emperor. Next to the god clearly stood Tala Errio, in her priestess garb, at once the mortal priestess and also the Red Goddess. Some other notable gods were a Brown God wearing a crown kneeling at the feet of the Emperor, and a horrendous, monstrous war god all in red, clearly identifiable as Shargash the Destroyer, the Red Planet, Orlanth’s enemy.

At this point, the heroes found themselves overwhelmed by emotions. Grom felt an unconquerable urge to kill the Emperor. Skye felt overpowering lust and the need to inspire lust in others, with the goal of gaining a powerful mate. Xaraya felt the urge to gain a King as a lover and to mate with him. These urges were to change the face of history.

The Emperor began the ceremony, naming the four directions, but Skye started to dance. She danced her way to the foot of the ziggurat, working magic as she did so. She aimed her charms, which were considerable in the mortal world, but irresistible in the god world, at Shargash. Meanwhile Xaraya and Grom worked their ways round the side. Grom was looking for a way to charge up the ziggurat while Xaraya was looking to work her own charms on the Brown God.

Shargash and the Emperor’s other guardian gods were immediately distracted by Skye’s dance. Shargash dropped his club and spear and launched himself at Skye, who returned his “affections” with a passionate kiss. Tala Errio appeared to regard these developments with equanimity. Indeed, she advised the hero-gods to reject the Emperor’s attempts to name them.

The Emperor appeared perturbed, he thrust the god who had appeared before him to be named aside and called to Skye, “You! I name you The Goddess of Lust! Of Nakedness and Lewdness!” Skye rejected the attempt to name her and pushed Shargash to the ground, covering him. At this point Grom picked up the spear and advanced up the ziggurat. He used his powers of darkness and the distraction caused by Skye’s activities to sprint up the steps past the other guards. The Emperor turned to Grom, saying “You! I name you Mahaquata the Bat, Goddess of Death!” Grom responded, “I am indeed Death, I am your Death, and I am Humakt!” He thrust his spear through the Emperor’s mask with all his strength.

The heroquest immediately ended. The participants found themselves on the steps of the Pavis Temple. Grom stood, naked save for his cape, over the lifeless body of Sor-Eel the Short, governor of Pavis. He could feel Sor-Eel’s magic flood into his body. Skye held the full attention of none other than Hucipites, commander of the military forces of Pavis, and when he ripped his mask off, it was hard to tell which emotion affected him the most: shock, shame or disgust. Lying crippled on the ground, the Blue Bat was revealed to be Gim-Gim the Grim. The spear-wielding gods rushed to take on Grom, but Tala Errio stopped them. She announced that the Emperor had failed in his attempts and that the Red Goddess accepted this. She directed the Monster god, now revealed as the troll magician Javis Gan, to take the heroes away. He called the heroes to them and they obeyed, preferring this to the attentions of annoyed, spear wielding Lunars.

Javis Gan bound the heroes roughly with rope and hauled them away through the Temple gate into the Rubble. After a short while, he unbound them. He looked at them and said that he was supposed to take them to the Salt Mines and throw them in there, but he recognized them as Troll Friends, and had been told to watch out for them by Gretaslagg. Instead, he took them to the stonglands of Queen Gretaslagg, where after a while they were joined by Krogar and a band of Orlanthi including Jarang Bladesong. The priest removed their masks, ending the heroquest for them. He also brought human clothes for them, and Skye was able to take the first of several baths to scrub the memory of her ordeal away.

Ambushed in Pavis
In which our heroes are tricked by their friends and end up cornered

The party returned to Pavis, enduring the usual rigmarole with the Lunar bureaucrats at the gates. Allicus Garanthae went off to keep an eye on the politics of Suntown as instructed, and bade his farewells. The remaining party members started to make their way to Gimpy’s, when they were accosted by an ancient croneCrone who pointed at them, shrieking “You! You! You are the ones I have dreamt of! You are the movers and shakers! You!” (she pointed at Grom) “You are the deathbringer! You are the tactician! You are the general! You!” (she pointed at Skye) “You are the dragonfriend! You are the left hand! You are the purple-blooded one! You!” (she pointed at Xaraya) “You are the mystery! You are the sorcerer! You are the Arkat!”

At this point, Skye pointed out that violence was always an option and dragged the annoying crone down and alley and hit her in the head. She did so with sufficient force to kill her outright. Luckily, no-one witnessed the deed, and they ducked into the adjacent property, which happened to be Bob’s Bisonburgers. There they made the acquaintance of Mr Bobbs, the proprietor, the cook, a Storm Bull named Grungebob Deathpants, and the bizarre cashier, a sentient non-chaotic Walktapus named Walkward. Some quick negotiation later and Mr Bobbs agreed to dispose of the crone’s body. With the constant fighting going on between the customers, they managed to do this all without undue attention. As it happened, one of the Storm Bulls present recognized Xaraya as being from The Ibex People and pointed out that he and some others of his persuasion were planning an expedition to the Tunneled Hills soon, where there existed some Storm Khans of the Lesser Ibex. Xaraya took this under advisement.

The characters then made for their temples and, in Xaraya’s case, the Lhankor Mhy temple, to get more than a few magical items properly identified. Grom donated the takings from Nightfang’s pits to his temple, while Skye took the opportunity to have a proper bath at hers. Later on the party gathered at Geo’s.

While at Geo’s, the party were approached by Krogar Wolfhelm who asked them to help out. While at Garhound, the party had been alerted to the seduction of a young Pavisite woman named Dellica by Argorim Blacktooth, chief lieutenant of the spymaster of Pavis. They had been approached by Dellica’s boyfriend, whom Skye sent off with a flea in his ear, but Krogar was insistent that they do something about it, because Dellica’s father was from an influential Orlanthi family, and it was important that she be turned back to the storm. Reluctantly, the heroes agreed to confront Dellica the next day. As it happened, still being Sacred Time, the Lunars were embarking on an important ceremony the next day, the Naming Ceremony, by which they would ritually subjugate the gods of free Pavis and take their magic. There would therefore be a large crowd, and this might be the best chance to separate Dellica from Argorim.

Sure enough, as the crowd gathered in Temple Court, the party spotted Dellica and Argorim together, but Argorim was called away by a Lunar officer, and the party moved between the two. Dellica, they realized, was moving away from the court towards Rich Hill, and they started following her. They shadowed her to an alley, where they decided to confront her. They saw her talking to two figures at the other end of the alley. Imagine their surprise when the characters realized the two figures were their old foes Munkaar and Dzhingi. Xaraya cursed when she realized she had not prepared the party by casting her sorcerous protections on them that day. Things went from bad to worse when Dzhingi strode forth, made her way past Grom’s parry, and stuck him on the head with the pommel of her scA band of hoplites then appeared at each end of the alley, and leading the northern band was Argorim Blacktooth. Xaraya cast her Fly spell, but was thwarted by the alley being covered by thick canvas awnings. Unarmored, the party stood no chance, and agreed to surrender.

The party was taken into custody and Grom was revived. They were stripped of their weapons and drawn before a haughty Lunar priestess, whom they later learned was none other than Tala Errio, the High Priestess of the Red Goddess, whom they Lunars planned to wed to Lord Pavis, thereby drawing him in to their pantheon. She looked the heroes up and down, nodded, and ordered them taken to the Seven Mothers Temple. While being dragged there, they wondered why their friends had set them up.

The Garhound Contests - part 2
In which Grom drinks bloodbeer, Xaraya solves a mystery from her bed, and a winner is announced

The adventure in the Hellpits had taken most of the night, and so Grom entered the drinking contest known as the “Intelligence Test” in a state of fatigue. He was ready to forfeit when Okalla told him that she had agreed with the other priestesses that Grom could drink Bloodbeer instead. This brew, sacred to the darker cults of the earth, was not alcoholic, but produced similar effects when drunk in similar quantities. Essentially, the more one drank of it, the more one’s animal urges took over. So someone who got drunk on bloodbeer would need to either start a fight, mate, or both. Any of these circumstances would involve Grom losing the contest of course, as he would be unlikely to continue on to the next drink.

The contestants lined up shortly after midday, with Grom barely able to keep his eyes open. Brixx turned up already well-sauced, but looked as if he could handle another barrel. He even brought a mug full of ale to the table, which he quaffed before the contest began.

Promidius fell out of the contest early, taking advantage of the bucket placed beside each competitor. Calmstorm followed soon after, and Skye noted that Sor-Eel the Short looked extremely displeased with the performance of his man to date, although Griselda found the whole thing hilarious. Eventually, there were just three contestants remaining – Grom, fighting back the urges, Brixx, and and Allicus who by this stage was distinctly fuzzy around the edges. Skye noted that Okalla had also been consuming bloodbeer, roughly in line with Grom’s intake.

Eventually, the passions became too much for Grom, who tossed his table aside, stood up and yelled “I need a woman or a weapon!” Okalla came out of the crowd and said, “You’ll have both in me!” and hurled herself upon Grom, knocking him to the ground and straddling him. They prceeded to rut like animals, in full view of the crowd. Promidius threw up again.

Allicus finally fell over, unable to keep up with Brixx. The Uroxi had now won one contest, Allicus one, and Grom two, although others surmised he might have just won a whole different contest.

That evening, revelry was in full swing, and Xaraya made full use of her Project Sight and Mystic Vision spells to scout around the area of the contests. She had made note of the sadly-departed Redcrow’s insight that there was an evil spirit around and discovered that Darst Jaro was accompanied by a Bane Spirit. She was able to catch him in the act of taking a young woman out to the plains to attack and devour. With a word to the priestesses, the authorities had him in custody.

The next day he was paid a visit by Skye and Okalla, whose combined drive to protect women led to what might be described as torture. They extracted a full confession, in which they discovered not only that he was an evil, chaotic ogre, but that there were many other ogres in the Zola Fel valley, and that they were all being summoned by The Great One. He could give no further details before he fell accidentally dead.

The combined Priestesses were relieved that the contest had been rid of a chaotic influence, which had clearly led to the unprecedented diversion of two of the leading candidates to hunt vampires. A quick ritual purification of the candidates, administered personally by Okalla in Grom’s case, and the contest was ready to go again. Xaraya, now able to walk again on her regrown leg, was commended publicly by Sir Davis for her discovery of the villain.

The final test was Ladies’ Choice, in which the contestants lined up to impress the ladies of Garhound, but most especially the Priestesses and Melisande herself.

First up was Cary the local lad, who clearly had Melisande’s eye. In front of Sor-Eel the Short, he had the temerity to sing Cold Winds Over Sartar, a rebel song. This shocked and delighted the audience, and overshadowed the rather pathetic efforts by the three Yelmalions who came next, even Allicus’ epic poem. Then came Myrrhyn Calmstorm, but before he could speak Agrestis, Sor-Eel’s jester, interrupted proceedings, running on dressed in Lunar theatrical woman’s costume (old maid variant) to kiss the young man. After that Calmstorm told a magnificent tale about a young handyman at a Malkioni convent, that caused blushes, giggles and laughter in equal measure among the womenfolk. As it happened, Xaraya was sitting next to the priestesses when this occurred, and she had a Mystic Vision spell active that revealed that the Jester had enhanced Calmstorm with Trickster magic. As a result, while Melisande gave the turncloak top marks, the priestesses marked him down.

Next up was Brixx, who proceeded to tell several jokes about the Issaries merchant and the farmer’s daughter. When that feel flat he told the priestesses he had a joke so funny it’d make their breasts fall off, but that he saw that some of the older women had already heard it. At this point, Okalla carried him off the stage.

Finally came Grom, who poured all his heart into the stirring tale of Five Eyes Temple. Evil spirits! Mortal danger! Dragons! The tale had it all. So much so, that when the scores were added up, Grom carried the day on Ladies’ Choice.

The contest had a clear winner: Grom Ashbringer, Acolyte of Humakt.

Melisande was clearly a mite dismayed by the prospect, and the Priestesses debated what the victory of a servant of the death god meant for the town. But they ordered the tent set up where Grom and Melisande were to consummate their union.

Grom was lifted aloft by most of the other contestants (Calmstorm was nowhere to be seen, and rumor has it his body was found in a ditch a few days later, and Cary was also – perhaps understandably – absent) and borne to the tent. He was thrust inside with much good humor, and was astonished to see Melisande arm in arm with Carylon, while Okalla stood before him, clad only in a white shift. He had not appreciated quite how feminine she could be until this moment. Okalla told him, “Tradition says that an Earth Priestess may substitute for the Harvest Queen,” and led him to the sacred bed. Cary and Melisande disappeared, to be wed in secret and consummate their own sacred union. As far as the people of Garhound were concerned, Grom had done his duty, and the harvest was assured. Meanwhile, the two acolytes of death together celebrated life with no small degree of passion.

The next day, Okalla told Grom that she must venture to the Paps, where she was needed to guard the most sacred shrines of the Earth Goddesses of the region. She had also grown extremely affectionate towards Grom’s Alynx, and offered to take him to the Paps where he might perhaps awaken into the Cult of Yinkin. With no small degree of regret, Grom said goodbye to the Axe Sister and to his shadowcat.

The party ventured on to Pavis, with only a small degree of ribbing towards Grom from Allicus and his more beautiful traveling companions.

The Hellpits of Nightfang
In which our heroes descend into the the depths, fight monsters, and we almost lose one of our band

The trek to the sinkholes, known locally as the Hellpits, took just over two hours by horse, bison, and ibex. The pits were three circular sinkholes, of such great age that trees were growing out of their sides. Looking down into them, water could clearly be seen at the bottom of each of them, with the largest having a significant pool big enough to encompass a small island, on which appeared to be a sign of artificial construction of some sort. After scouting around, the party found a fissure, evidently a dried-up creek, that provided a pathway down.

The party made its way carefully down, with Grom in the lead, Allicus behind him with longspear readied to help strike anything Grom encountered. Okalla followed, axe in hand, while Xaraya was using her magic to look ahead. Then came Redcrow, with Skye backing up, ready for anything that should attempt to jump them from behind.

The first and smallest sinkhole was some 40 meters deep and about 15 meters in diameter. It had a bowl-shaped depression filled with stagnant water. Xaraya had seen some evidence of snakes in the water, and her magic also told them they bore the taint of chaos. The party, forewarned, was able to dispatch the snakes with ease.

The party followed another fissure into the largest sinkhole, some 50 meters down, the one that contained the pool, island, and trees. Xaraya’s magic had warned the party that there were large creatures living in the pool, and so they all cast their charms and spells before moving in. Three huge Dragon Snails emerged from the water, one with two heads. Allicus moved to confront the smallest, while Okalla, her magic glowing as she entered her Axe Trance, charged the second. Grom prepared to face the two-headed beast. Okalla proved to be remarkably powerful, decapitating her opponent in one blow before moving to help Grom dispatch the second (and whenever they fought side-by-side there was a clear spark of electricity between them). Allicus was able to do away with the beats facing him with the help of missile fire from Skye, Redcrow (who proved remarkably accurate despite his blindness), and Xaraya. Three mighty Dragon Snails fell in the span of less than a minute.

The party took a look at the island, which appeared to have a statue on it. There also appeared to be signs of human construction in a cave on the other side of the pool. Making a note to check this out later, the party decided to check out first what appeared to be a large cave to the west.

This cave was a large hall covered in stalagmites and stalactites. A small pool glistened at the north end of the room in front of a rock formation. As the party moved into the room, a ghost pounced on them. Luckily for the party, it chose Redcrow as its victim, and after a struggle he was able to dissipate the evil spirit, but not before it had summoned a host of skeletons from a passage to the south. Grom, Allicus and Okalla were able to dispatch them with ease, but the party realized that the noise they made in doing so was bound to have alerted whatever creatures existed in the rest of the caves.

Ignoring the pool for the moment, the party entered a passage to the northeast, which emerged in an oval-shaped cave that looked like a ghastly parody of a lord’s trophy room. Skins and rugs were strewn about, and arms, armor and other trophies adorned the walls. More importantly, a pack of wolves snarled as the party entered, and in their midst was a homely female vampire clad in a simple peasant dress, but Xaraya’s magic told her she was imbued with supernatural power.

This fight was much harder than the previous ones, but thanks to the magical protections Xaraya had cast on the party the wolves were unable to do much damage to them even when they successfully bit or jumped. Eventually, Grom was able to make his way through to face the vampire, and he avoided her bite to land a crippling blow that sent her to the ground. Despite his status as an Acolyte of Humakt, Grom was unable to remember what to do to finally end a vampire’s rotten existence, and so they left the unresponsive vampire girl on the ground as they examined the rest of the room, finding some magical items and a pile of treasure guarded by a nest of snakes, which once again they dealt with easily.

As Xaraya stepped forward to examine something in the north end of the room, which Grom had initially offered to check, she was surprised by an elderly figure clad in ancient bronze plate armor that moved out of the shadows of a fissure to the west. It cast a mighty spell, and Xaraya realized she was lucky not to have been killed outright. Instead, spectral blades slashed her all over, one of them severing her left leg, and she fell to the ground, dying.

Skye took one look at the creature and what it had done to her friend and hurled her javelin with all her might and magic. It pierced the vampire’s armor and impaled itself in his chest. The vampire cursed her and said that one Humakti priest was enough for the night before dissolving into smoke. The armor fell to the ground with a clang.

Okalla ran over to Xaraya and cast her mightiest healing magic, drawing on all the life giving power of the earth around them. This saved Xaraya’s life and returned her to consciousness, but the princess was left heavily scarred and without a leg. Grom remembered that vampires required resting places and searched the caves around for them, finding two stone burial biers in an adjoining cave, which he smashed and performed Humakti rites over. In the time that he and the rest of the party were searching for them, a helpless Xaraya saw the vampire girl turn to smoke and drift away up a crack in the ceiling.

Realizing that Xaraya’s needs overwhelmed all other considerations, the party forewent any further exploration and carried the helpless girl back to Garhound. They took her to the healers, who told her that regrowing a limb was beyond them – it needed Earth or Fertility magic. As it happened, Grom remembered the favor he was owed by the cult of Ernalda for returning the holy bowl he had found in the Blind King’s Palace, and petitioned the Garhound priestess Cara Goodhound for aid. She agreed, thanks to the tale Grom told her about all the aid they had given to the sisters of Horn Gate, and cast the magic to begin the process of regrowing Xaraya’s leg. For the next few days, Xaraya was laid up in bed healing, but she was still able to play a part in the ongoing adventures.

As morning broke, two pieces of terrible news reached the town. The first was that another girl had been discovered, a local this time, murdered in similar fashion. The second was that a lone survivor of the Humakti party staggered into town. They had been ambushed almost as soon as they entered the woods, he claimed, the victims of a trap set by a homely girl who claimed to have hurt her leg but turned out to be a vampire, and a powerful, ancient-looking vampire magician who slaughtered Willem and the survivor’s companions, drinking their blood and stealing their magic. The source of that terrible spell became apparent. The vampire had used Humakti death magic against them!

The Garhound Contests - part 1
In which the heroes meet some new friends, Grom vies for the hand of a local beauty, and Xaraya uncovers a mystery

Before leaving Ronegarth for the last time for the foreseeable future, the party was joined by a blind Bison shaman named Redcrow, who offered to join them to help ward off evil spirits. Given their repeated vulnerability to spirits, the party gladly agreed.

When the party left Ronegarth heading for Garhound, they stopped off at the Sun Dome Temple to pass on a message from Duke Raus of Rone to Count Solanthos Ironpike. There they met Allicus Garanthae, an experienced Sun Dome Templar and trusted friend of the Count. After some conversations with the Count, it was agreed that Allicus should go with the party to Pavis to establish closer surveillance over the activities of the grandees of Suntown, who the Count suspected of getting too close to Sor-Eel the Short and the Lunar occupiers. He would also enter the Garhound contest, doubling the chances of a Sun County victor (the other entrant being young and brash).

That night, the guards announced a golden figure was approaching on a horse, followed by a heavily laden cart. The figure was clearly a Sun Lord of great power, and was received by the Count, who had given orders for a great feast to be laid on in his honor. The Lord’s servants announced him as Karstomye Khetu of Harmonious Intent, a great Dara Happan general who had been appointed the new Governor of Red Cliff domain, just to the South (and therefore new feudal overlord of Rabbit Hat Farm.) The general only spoke to announce his contempt for the barbarous cult of Yelmalio, a heresy in his eyes. The Count noted that he had slain more than a few Dara Happan Rune Lords, but noted that the General was his guest. The rest of the evening passed in awkward silence.

Everyone who was moving on took the opportunity to do so very early the next morning. They reached Garhound mid-afternoon, to find the town in celebratory mood, although Xaraya was unhappy to see and Redcrow unhappy to smell a contingent of Sable Riders barracked in the town. Most interestingly, the leader of the Sables was wearing a splendid helmet adorned with two vast Ibex horns, which Xaraya recognized as the helmet her father had worn.

The party went to Geo’s Inn, given Grom’s membership, where they encountered two Pol Joni nomads, a smelly Uroxi named Stikklebrixx and a young hunter named Reed. After some awkward glances, Reed and Xaraya recognized each other as survivors of the Lesser Ibex – each had thought themselves the only survivor. There was much celebration, and in the process the party chased a couple of Sables out of the bar.

Over the course of the afternoon, several delegations turned up. Duke Raus and Lady Jezra had come up to confer with Sor-Eel, who turned up with the usual coterie of soldiers, a trickster, and, quite bizarrely, Griselda, who winked at Skye when she saw her.

That evening, Sir Davis Garhound announced the opening of the annual Garhound Contest and paraded the prize – a beautiful young woman named Melisande, the Harvest Queen. The winner would take Melisande as a year-wife, or a ritual equivalent. Sir Davis called for entrants to the contest and first to step forward was a local lad, Carylon Squally, quite clearly Melisande’s beau. Next up was the brash young Sun Domer, Promidius, followed by another Sun Domer who had come up separately from the main Sun County contingent, called Vathmar Allweather, whom Allicus did not know. Allicus completed the Sun Dome entrants. Next up was Sor-Eel’s candidate, not a Lunar but an Orlanthi named Myrrhyn Calmstorm. All respectable Orlanthi gave him a wide berth. Grom then stepped forward to defend the honor of the Storm Tribe in the name of Humakt, whom in some legends had been a husband-protector of Ernalda during the Great Dark. Reed pushed Stikklebrixx forward, as the Uroxi had gotten quite drunk enough to forget why he was here. Finally, just as Sir Davis was closing out the call for competitors, a mysterious stranger dressed all in black showed up. His name was Jarst Daro, and despite being human he worshiped the Troll god Argan Argar. Like Humakt, there were a few legends in which this god had been a husband-protector of Ernalda, and so the priestesses administering the contest allowed him admission. One of the priestesses, Okalla Wayblue, an Axe Sister of Babeester Gor, the protector goddess, was particularly wary of this stranger, but Grom also caught her looking at him admiringly. He found the priestess quite attractive, despite her short hair, death rune facial tattoos and shapeless chain armor.

On Godday, the first event, the Horse Race took place. Promidius found himself a fine horse, but so did Allicus. Grom found himself saddled with a raging beast of a horse that he was sure was an Uroxi ally. The race began with Promidius and Allicus storming out to an early lead. They were never to be caught, as the race behind them developed into a comedy of errors. Grom was thrown off his horse at the gate and at the first water barrier. All others involved in the race fell off at some point, apart from Stikklebrixx, who kept his nerve to come in third. Allicus managed to outsprint Promidius at the death, making it a one-two for the Sun Dome and leading to curses all round from the Orlanthi.

While watching the race, Skye was approached by an old friend from her youth in Pavis, a boy she knew as Forthright Jon, who was now a guard in the Orlanthi delegation from the city. He explained to her that he was worried that his girlfriend, Dellica, had taken up with a bad sort, and was wondering if she could help him. Skye launched a blistering tirade against Jon’s manhood, telling him to “grow a pair” and get control of his life. Jon left more than a little shellshocked.

Meanwhile, Xaraya and Redcrow had been doing some investigating. Redcrow went spirit walking around the nomad totems and found out from some friendly spirits that there was an evil spirit in the area. Xaraya was looking into the Sables, and discovered that their leader was a mighty warrior called Asparukh Longhorn, that he had a formidable shaman ally, and that he was a nephew of a legendary Sable raider called Dias Firesword. Most importantly, Asparukh was indeed a veteran of the Battle of Scritha River, where the Lesser Ibex had been destroyed.

Xaraya looked around for Reed to tell him this, but could find only Stikklebrixx. He told Xaraya that the young hunter was nowhere to be found when he woke up this morning, but that he had left a note for them both, which read:

“For Xaraya, Khatun of the Lesser Ibex:
“My joy at finding another member of my tribe in unconfined, yet so soon after finding you, I must leave you. Last night I spoke to the Ancestors, and they told me that I should travel to the Tunneled Hills, to find the chaos-fighters we sent there, to persuade them to return. This will be a difficult journey, and the Ancestors told me I should travel alone, so as not to risk your life. I hope to see you again, and to avenge the destruction of our people, for the glory of the Ancestors.
“For Brixx:
“You win our bet. Now win the contest! When I next see you, I’ll bring back a whole gang of Storm Bulls that you can wrestle with.

Dismayed, Xaraya joined the evening celebrations. During them, a shifty figure was seen going round the competitors, but received short shrift, it seemed. He steered clear of Grom, Allicus, and the other Sun Domers, but when he approached Brixx he received a swift punch in the vitals for his trouble. Affronted, Brixx told the heroes that he had been asked to take a dive, whatever that meant. Vathmar excused himself early after refusing to eat the main course of roasted Cradle Fowl. It was noticed that he headed outside the town walls.

The next morning, an alarm was raised as a distraught guard found the mutilated body of a girl, one of the train of carnival workers who had come to town. The body showed evidence of bite marks, which the Constable took as evidence of a wild animal attack, but the Chalanna Arroy priestess said that the bite was consistent with human teeth, albeit sharp human teeth. Xaraya offered her services and helped examine the circumstances in which the body was found. On discussing with Grom, they came to a simple conclusion: Vampire! Krogar Wolfhelm, who was present with the Pavis contingent sent word on the wind to the Pavis temple of Humakt and received back the news that the Sword called Willem and a troop of undead hunters had set out right away, and would be in Garhound the next day. The word of a vampire attack spread through the town like Oakfed.

Despite the grim circumstances, the Joust went ahead. On this occasion, Grom’s riding skills did not desert him, and despite Promidius having what appeared to be a trained warhorse that fought with him, vanquished all comers to win the contest. Allicus came third behind Promidius.

The celebrations that evening grew more raucous than the previous night’s. Okalla offered Grom a drink of ale. He refused, on the grounds of his geas never to drink alcohol. Okalla was dismayed, as she told Grom that the Intelligence Test on Clayday was not a test of intellect, but a test of drinking ability. Grom realized he might have to forfeit, or even withdraw from the contest, but Okalla said that she might be able to arrange something.

As the evening wore on, a brawl broke out between some Lunar peltasts and a group of local lads. The brawl spilled out into the streets, and our heroes were quickly distracted by a cry of “Help, they’re attacking the horses” in Firespeech (which Allicus translated). The heroes ran to the aid of Vathmar, who was trying to protect the horse corral from a gang of Sables, who had succeeded in hamstringing one horse – the one Promidius had ridden. The Sables ran off when they saw the heroes approaching, and so they gave chase, accompanied by an angry Vathmar.

The Sables had taken refuge in their camp on the far side of town, and Xaraya used her magic to spy inside. They saw the culprits talking to Asparukh and his shaman, who had clearly gone into a trance. Xaraya conveyed this news and Grom, Allicus and Vathmar readied themselves (they had managed to grab a weapon each, but were of course unarmored), while Xaraya and Skye readied their bows and Redcrow entered a trance himself.

The Sables charged out of their camp, with magics already cast, and made a fiercesome foe. These were obviously experienced bandits, with skills to match the party’s. Redcrow engaged the shaman’s spirit in battle, and without him the party would surely have suffered grievously. As it happened, while two of the sables went down badly injured, and Xaraya had sent tendrils of darkness to wrack some of the Sables’ sould, Asparukh managed to penetrate Grom’s Shield spell and brought him down with a serious wound to the abdomen. Things were looking grim when the Constable showed up and put an end to the fight. Skye, not for the first time, used her magics to heal Grom’s wound.

On hearing the evidence, the Constable decided that the Sables had initiated the conflict and offered them a choice between arrest, or leaving the town immediately. They chose the latter, gathered their riding beasts, and left, giving warning that they would be back. Vathmar and the party were bound over to keep the peace, to which they readily agreed. Xaraya did suggest that the Sables had something that belonged to her family, and she was allowed to search their camp for it. She found the Great Helmet of the Lesser Ibex, and was all the more interested when Redcrow informed her that a spirit resided within, but he could not talk to it.

Despite their impromptu alliance, Xaraya still had suspicions that Vathmar, who was sleeping outside the town, might be the vampire. During the day, one of the young ladies of the town, who had been very eager to be seen in the company of the beautiful adventurers in the hopes that they might thereby attract the attention of some of the more handsome visitors, had got into conversation with Xaraya. Young Meggie Fipple was obviously Melisande’s chief rival in her age cohort, and had expressed some disbelief that the Harvest Queen would make an appropriate bride. Xaraya had persuaded Meggie (with the aid of enough silver to buy a better dress than Melisande’s) to go late at night to find Vathmar and see what his reaction would be. Xaraya would use her magics to keep an eye on her and protect her.

After midnight, Meggie slipped out of town followed by Xaraya’s projected sight. When she came within sight of the sleeping Vathmar, Xaraya cast a protective spell on her, but it proved to be useless, not because Vathmar was a secret vampire, but because he rebuffed the young girl’s advances. At least Xaraya was able to cross a suspect off the list, and Meggie got a significant bonus for her bravery, and a tale to tell.

By dawn break the next day, Willem and his undead hunters had arrived. They had already begun to fan out to question locals about vampiric activity, and said that he had two leads: one to a vampire in the woods to the east, another to a vampire said to dwell in sinkholes by a cliff beside the river to the southwest, about two hours away. He asked if Grom might be willing to lead a party to investigate one of these sources, if he could corroborate the rumors. Grom readily agreed, as long as could do his holy duty by completing the day’s challenge first, to which Willem agreed, although he told Grom to hurry up and get it over with.

Grom complied handily. The day’s challenge was the wrestling event, known to the locals as the Regal Rumble. As it happened, Grom was drawn first, and he made short work of all other entrants, throwing them out of the ring with some style. The only contestants to given him some trouble were Allicus, a rhino-fat smeared Stikklebrixx and a naked Jarst Daro, but all of them fell victim to Grom’s unique combination of brawn and technique. After the event, he was crowned King of the Ring, and acquired a legion of new fans, who were impressed that he had won the entire thing in 3 minutes and 16 seconds (hence “Grom 3:16”).

Grom hastened to get together the party to go vampire hunting, and awkwardly asked Okalla if she would accompany them. He need not have asked, as Okalla was going to demand that she be allowed to accompany any expedition to find the slayer of young women. After consulting further with Willem, it was decided that Willem and his mean would go the woods to the east immediately, while Grom, Skye, Xaraya, Allicus, Redcrow, and Okalla would explore the sinkholes to the southwest…

The End of Fulmen and Vullen
In which the heroes break Sor-Eel's heart and settle an old score

There then followed an extremely complicated adventure in which the heroes, looking for a way to get back at Arantxa Vullen, uncovered a plot whereby she was blackmailing some of Pavis’ oldest and most well-though-of families over a love affair she had conduced with an heir who was engaged to another family’s heiress. Eventually, the heroes uncovered proof of the affair and used it to confront Sor-Eel the Short. The governor was dismayed at what his mistress had been up to and asked the heroes to take care of it.

The heroes began by tracking down the slippery eel Erastes Fulmen and forcing him to gain them admittance to his employer’s villa. In doing so, Xaraya had to give up her weapons, and Fulmen forced Xaraya into his room while the others were dealing with the villa guards, where he demanded that the lovely young nomad princess put on a dancing girl’s outfit and perform for him. Xaraya proved to be no slouch, even without her weapons, and was able to overpower her enemy and, it has to be said, torture him for the last piece of information she needed, before finally finishing him off.

Reunited with her companions, Xaraya now had all the information she needed about Lady Arantxa’s magical protections, and they confronted Vullen in her chambers. Lady Vullen, who seemed to have more than just a liking for black leather, also had a handsome male slave on a leash attached to a collar round his neck. Cornered by the heroes and knowing the gig was up, Arantxa jumped out of he window, using the leash and her slave to break her fall, also breaking the slave’s neck in the process.

Her escape was short-lived, however. Two well placed arrows from Skye and Xaraya brought her down, just as Sor-Eel arrived with his guards to arrest her. Glad that he did not have to deal with the embarrassment of a court case, the governor agreed to turn a blind eye to the heroes’ extra-judicial activities and allowed them to take their share of Lady Vullen’s possessions, while he cleared out any incriminating evidence she might have about the governor – of which there was apparently plenty. Sor-Eel told the heroes that this was the last indulgence he would give them, and any further trouble they caused him would lead to instant crucifixion.

Expedition to the Blind King's Palace
In which our heroes - and Splitface - venture into one of the most enigmatic ruins of the Big Rubble

Cakor Deth explained to the party that the ancient castle in the Big Rubble known as The Blind King’s Palace had been occupied for the past few years by a weird sorcerer from Ralios known as Artizun Spellthane and his brothers. For reasons that could not be revealed to the party, the Lunars had a relationship with Artizun, but recently there had been no contact with the sorcerer, and the authorities wanted to know what had happened. Moreover, the locals who lived near the Blind King’s Hill had been complaining of an increase in mysterious deaths (more than usual for the Rubble, at least). Splitface was therefore to lead the party to find out what had happened to the sorcerer.

The Lunars had arranged for an escort of Pavis Survivors to ensure that the party reached the Blind King’s Palace without undue difficulty. Splitface therefore led them first to Zebra Fort, where the players were able to meet Hargan the Filthy, self-styled King of the Rubble, and a lecherous soul to boot. He agreed to send the heroes with an escort only on additional terms – if the Spellthane was deceased, and the usual gang of monsters had moved in, then the party was to clear them out as much as possible and tell Hargan, so that he could take control of the castle. Splitface shrugged in agreement, and the party were give zebras to ride and an escort of what laughably claimed to be the Pavis Royal Guard.

The Survivors left the party at the base of the road up the hill to the Palace. They said they would guard the zebras until the party came back. Half way up the hill, the heroes found a corpse, which they searched. On the corpse was a note that gave a phrase to give to the “stone man.” On reaching the gate of the Palace, they realized who the stone man was – a gigantic Jolanti blocked the gate. Xaraya recited the phrase, which turned out to mean “Take me to your leader” in Mostali, and the Jolanti led them through the gate.

The Jolanti took them through a courtyard, through a throne room with a dusty throne and a portrait of an unknown king with blank eyes (the Blind King?), through an ornate but slightly overgrown garden, to a hall dominated by many stately mirrors, through each of which could be seen not a reflection, but the image of an exotic locale. All except one, which was smashed. Positioned across the smashed mirror, as if it had been stepping through it, was a corpse dressed in the distinctive purple robes of Artizun Spellthane. The cause of death appeared to be a dagger in the back, but more disquieting was the fact that the skull had been smashed open and the brains removed. Searching the body, the heroes found a scroll in an unknown language sewn into the robes, and a ring that detected as magical.

Splitface insisted that the party now try to find what had happened to the Spellthane’s brothers, even as Xaraya was intrigued by the mysterious mirrors. Returning to the garden, they found a stash of mysterious herbs in an alcove, and a series of two story rooms leading off the garden. The party proceeded to investigate several of what proved to be guest rooms, finding a few monsters that had moved in, before Grom went upstairs in one room to see what looked like a demonic chicken in the corner. Knowing a basilisk when he saw one, Grom retreated downstairs before it could see him. Splitface hefted his magical axe, muttered the words, “One barbecued chicken coming up,” strode upstairs and promptly fell downstairs stone dead. Grom was able to work out a means of viewing the basilisk through a reflection on the back of his shield using a mirror shard, and was able to slay it.

After some debate as to what to do about Splitface, Grom pricked up the corpse, pinned a note to it, walked outside, and rolled the corpse down the hill, theorizing the Pavis Survivors would find the corpse and keep it safe so that he could be resurrected by his cult so that he could continue his penitence.

Moving back to the throne room, the party found themselves confronted by a gang of mercenaries and a leader who also wore one of the magic rings. This turned out to be Diker Thane, Artizun’s brother, They seemed to be afraid of something, and Diker asked them for assistance. Diker revealed that he was struggling to gain control of what he termed Artizun’s inheritance with his younger bother, Zega Deaththane, who had powerful magics at his command. This did not, however, seem to be their main concern.

With night drawing in, Diker’s men seemed to be particularly anxious, and Diker agreed that the party could sleep in Artizun’s old Harem, and suggested that Grom might like to take advantage of the services. The services turned out to be one remaining girl – all the others had run away. She was a pretty redhead by the name of Izis, and it turned out that she had a protector who prevented her from worse exploitation by Diker’s men in the shape of a ferociously loyal great troll eunuch guard named Kag. Grom did indeed spend the night in her room, but in order to find out what had befallen her. On learning that she was being held against her will, Grom agreed to rescue her. In return, Izis gave him both a small stash of weapons that she had secreted away, and told him the secret of the mirrors – anyone who wore a magic ring could step through the mirrors into a land far away. Artizun had used this secret to obtain exotic items that he sold to the Lunars for vast amounts of silver and slaves.

When the contingent of Diker’s men who had stayed in the Harem area were distracted, Grom attacked. He turned into a whirling incarnation of the death god himself, dispatching all of Izis’ captors in a few seconds. Rousing Skye and Xaraya, they went to the Hall of Mirrors, chose a particularly exotic-looking destination, and Xaraya stepped through. She found herself in an alley in an alien city, having stepped through a shimmering plane the same size as the mirror. Xaraya took off the ring, and the plane disappeared. However, she was able to toss the ring back through the portal, even if she could no longer see it. By this means, the entire party, Izis, and her troll were able to come through.

As Xaraya had suspected, they found themselves in a Kralorelan city. Being an accomplished linguist, Xaraya had picked up the rudiments of the language from Hu Bao Yi, and was able to ascertain that the city was Lur Nop. The place was extremely warm and humid, and the lack of clothing worn by the local lower orders was somewhat disconcerting, but in their armor, the party found themselves rapidly fatigued. It turned out that they were in the Foreigners Quarter, and the party was able to find an inn hospitable to westerners without too much trouble. At the Teahouse of the August Sun, the players found an ancient landlady, Lady Shang, who agreed to put up Izis and Kag for not too much money. After spending the night, the party had had the foresight to mark their way, and were able to find their way back to the alley without too much trouble. On the way, they marveled at a group of three individuals who looked like a cross between human and dragonewt, who they learned from a passer by were called Immanent Masters, followers of a mystical school that taught a quick way to achieve dragonhood. Shuddering at this thought, the party crossed back into the Blind King’s Palace.

Treading more carefully in an effort to avoid Diker’s men, the party stumbled upon Zega’s complex. It became quite clear that Zega was a necromancer, and the call of Grom’s faith led him to clear out the complex of its undead and its uncanny master. Despite being equipped with devilish necromantic arts, heavy plate armor and a hell of a big sword, the evil sorcerer was unable to stand against Grom. The Humakti was very pleased to replace his ordinary longsword with a magical greatsword. Xaraya was happy to find another of the magic rings.

Emerging from Zega’s wing of the palace, the party found great double doors that they were about to open when Diker showed up. He warned the party against opening the doors. When asked why, he said that a great evil lay within. After it became apparent that the party was going to enter whatever happened, Diker agreed to show them. Beyond the doors was a great circular temple, with alcoves filled with dark obsidian statues of monstrous creatures with savage claws and bat wings. In the center of the temple was a blood stained altar. High above were openings to the sky.

Diker explained that at night, the statues transformed into monsters called the Nighttide Dancers. When Artizun was around, there was a sacrifice bound to the altar every day (the fate of the slaves traded by the Lunars), but before him and since, the Dancers had made their way out through the openings to find their own prey. This was why every window in the Palace was barred.

The party tried all sorts of means to destroy or disable the statues, to no avail. Eventually they used magic to block the openings and bar the door, in an effort to keep the Dancers contained. Diker thanked them for their efforts, and for getting rid of Zega, and so agreed to overlook the massacre of his harem guards.

The party spent another night in the palace before rising with the intention of returning to New Pavis, but Diker offered them another deal. He had found it difficult, he explained, to enter Artizun’s tower, and offered to share some of Artizun’s horde if they could help get to the top of the tower. Somewhat confused as to Diker’s explanation, the party nevertheless agreed. Oddly, once they entered the tower, they found the door locked behind them.

Climbing up the steps of the tower, the party realized the problem. A great ape-like creature appeared, dressed in Artizun’s purple robes, ripped to fit on his body. Yet this was no ordinary ape – it teleported away and proceeded to engage the party in a magical battle up and down the steps of the tower, showing a particular predilection for fire magic. Eventually Skye was able to bring it down with an arrow through the eye.

The party then ransacked the tower, finding three magical grimoires written in a language Xaraya surmised to be Ralian, several pieces of magical equipment, and at last, a hoard of gold, silver, magic, and gems. The hoard did have the slight problem of being guarded by a magical construct of snake skeleton and basilisk head (probably one of Zega’s creations), but with their experience of fighting the earlier basilisk, they were able to take it out quickly.

Angered at Diker’s deception, the party was able to foil his attempted ambush on their return to his men’s rooms on the second story. The fight was short and swift. As Diker lay dying, he revealed that the ape-creature was called a Goonda Deek’o, from far-off Teshnos. Creatures of rudimentary basic intelligence, they are nevertheless extremely loyal bodyguards. Moreover, if they eat the brains of someone, they gain their skills and knowledge – including magical abilities – for a period of some months. An unnamed enemy of Artizun had sent an assassin against him, but the Goonda had killed him and eaten his brains. In doing so, he gained the assassin’s abilities, but also his mission, and he slew the wizard as he stepped through a mirror portal, when his magical defenses would be temporarily down. The conflict between the assassin’s duties and his own drove the Goonda mad, compounded when he gained the massive magical abilities of his former master. The Goonda honestly believed he was Artizun, and retired to his tower, thereby blocking Diker from his inheritance (Zega did not care). When Diker expired, Xaraya took the third ring of the set.

The party returned to Lur Nop, where they found Izis wearing a dragon kimono playing Kralorelan Chess with Lady Shang. They asked the aged innkeeper to guard the magical grimoires they had found rather than have them confiscated by the Lunar authorities. Returning with Izis and Kag, and laden down with treasure, the party left the Palace and picked up Splitface’s body. They journeyed to Hargan (whom they told he could now take possession of the palace) and thence to New Pavis.

Cakor was impressed at the thoroughness of their report, their conscientious care of Splitface (they missed out the part about rolling him down a hill) and most of all at the vast amounts of treasure. In return for most of the treasure, they were able to buy their freedom. They retained ten percent, including a few magical objects and the rings. On being handed back their possessions confiscated when they were arrested, Xaraya was dismayed to find all her crystals gone. Unsatisfied by the explanation that sometimes things go missing in custody, she vowed vengeance above all on Arantxa Vullen, the architect of their recent woes.

One of the treasures that they were allowed to keep turned out to be a bowl holy to the cult of Ernalda. Grom insisted on returning it to the Earth Temple, where it was received with gratitude. The priestess of the temple told him that they owed him a great favor and he should not hesitate to ask when necessary.

Adventures in Pavis
A brief summary of some adventures in the city of Pavis

While Duke Raus of Rone was under the influence of Stalethia the Moondancer, the heroes paid a visit to New Pavis. While asleep in Geo’s, Xaraya woke to find someone trying to break in through her window. Clad only in her nightdress, she wrested the intruder inside and struggled with him. Once subdued, he revealed that a mysterious figure in Riverside had hired him to kidnap one of the women who had recently taken up lodging in Geo’s. Outraged, Xaraya demanded that Erastes lead her and her companions to the intruder’s employer. Xaraya woke Skye and Grom, but only Grom bothered to arm and armor himself properly (despite the laws against wearing armor in Pavis).

Arriving in Riverside via the back alleys, avoiding the patrols, they were able to ambush their putative kidnapper It turned out to be Erastes Fulmen, and Xaraya managed to break both his arms in subduing him. She forced a confession out of him that he was trying to kidnap one of the women on the orders of his mistress, Arantxa Vullen, who was a lover of Sor-Eel the Short. His mistress had agreed to find out more about these mysterious new heroes in town for her lover, it seemed, and her preferred method of doing so was by torture.

Xaraya demanded that Fulmen lead them to Vullen’s house so they could confront her before they would heal him. In considerable pain, he agreed to do so. Unfortunately for the party, the Riverside Boyz street gang, also known as the Dolphins, spotted a pair of attractive young women clad only in nightgowns, and decided to waylay them. The fight was short and unfair, but things took a nasty turn when Grom decided to honor his grim god of death by dispatching a young ruffian who lay unconscious. At this point Erastes joined the surviving Dolphins in crying “Murder!” to summon the trollkin watch. The heroes, not wishing to break more laws, submitted to the watch’s questioning and were led away to the city administration building.

In the offices of Jorjar the Quick, constable of Pavis, the heroes were relieved of all their possessions. Xaraya was particularly miffed to lose her collection of magic crystals. Erastes was also placed in a jail cell, being a known criminal.

A few days later, the trial began. The Riverside Boyz were convicted of unprovoked assault, while Erastes, despite the party’s testimony, was bound over to his mistress to keep the city peace. He left the courtroom smiling and whistling, with an impudent bow in the direction of Xaraya. Eventually Grom was found guilty of manslaughter, with the mitigating circumstances of religious observance and self-defense. Xaraya and Skye were found to be accomplices. Owing to the mitigating circumstances, they were not sentenced to crucifixion, but to be detained at the pleasure of the Seven Mothers cult of Danfive Xaron.

The party were taken to a jail attached to the Seven Mothers temple, where they were stripped, washed, and issued with simple orange tunics. They were introduced to Cakor Deth who was to be the officer overseeing their punishment duty. A day or so later, along with a bunch of other new prisoners, they were ushered in to the main temple, where a Rune Lord of the cult of Danfive Xaron, Nose Ring, preached a sermon to them about the joys of penitence and service to others. Standing at the back of the service was an exceptionally ugly Xaroni leaning on a huge axe, by the name of Splitface, who appeared somewhat cynical about the

After the lecture, Cakor revealed to the party that Splitface would be their patrol leader and that their first task would be to retrieve some artefacts stolen by trolls from a Seven Mothers priestess in the Rubble. Splitface led the party via the Troll Bridge, where they negitiated their way across successfully, and then to the hideout of a gang of trollish bandits. Because of the party’s status as trollfriends, they were able to negotiate the return of the artefacts without bloodshed, much to Splitface’s surprise.

On returning to the barracks, Xaraya was visited by Hetaera Thessen, a priestess of the Seven Mothers, who expressed concern that Xaraya was experimenting with Arkati sorcery.She argued strongly that if Xaraya continued down her path, she would eventually turn into a troll (as had happened to Arkat himself). She tried to urge Xaraya to seek the truth of the Lunar way, but Xaraya rebuffed her advances.

The next expedition was to be much more involved…

Quick Summary of Interim Adventures - part I
Being a summary of about three years of adventures...

After cleaning out Five Eyes Temple, Skye was approached by the dragonewt priest Silver Whispers Descending and Hu Bao Yi who made some enigmatic remarks to her, before Hu presented her with an amazing curved blade, which he called a katana. Hu showed Skye the basics of using the blade, but then left with the dragonewts. Ronegarth’s watchmen said that the strange party went north for about a mile before reversing course and heading south, retracing their steps exactly before heading further south along the river bank.

During the next few weeks, the heroes became increasingly concerned that Duke Raus of Rone had fallen completely under the influence of the Lunar agent Stalethia the Moondancer, in whose company he was spending all day and, they feared, all night. Nothing they could do could persuade him to listen to them rather than her. It became apparent that he now intended to follow the orders of Sor-Eel, Count of Prax, to the letter rather than treating them as guidelines. Eventually, Stalethia, speaking for the Duke, sent the heroes off on a sequence of what they felt were inconsequential missions, including some to New Pavis, which involved a series of side adventures (see next few posts).

During a trip to Horn Gate the heroes learned a bit more about the oasis. The oasis was currently ruled by the Sable People who had displaced the Rainbow Bison some while ago, but the Hospital there was guarded from them by a sisterhood called the Daughters of Azundati, who were skilled swordswomen of Oasis People stock. The current leader of the Daughters was a beautiful woman in her 40s called Dzhingi who had lost a hand in battle at some stage and so had an artificial golden hand in its place. Once they became a Daughter, the women swore celibacy, but before she had become a Daughter following the death of her husband at the hands of Bison riders, Dzhingi had borne a daughter, called Dyala.

On their way back to Ronegarth, the heroes were ambushed by a contingent of Lunar hoplites, led by Stalethia the Moondancer, who used her strange dancing magic to create some trouble for the party. However, Grom and Skye made swift work of the hoplites, while Xaraya hit the Lunar agent with a barrage of arrows, sufficient to kill any mortal. Stalethia, was however, accompanied by a Lunar priest, who called on the Red Goddess for aid. His request was granted, and Stalethia and the priest ascended to the Moon itself, drawn by a red moonbeam.

Next the heroes went to Corflu to see if they could find a new water priest for Five Eyes Temple. While calling at the “city” (village in a swamp more like it), they encountered a strange crew of seafarers led by the legendary Barran the Monster-Slayer. His ally, Amur An Zed, suggested that he needed help finding something in the Rubble, but the heroes had too much on their plate, what with needing to find a priest. They found one called Loka, a dashing, long-haired, bare-chested young man of dark complexion, whom Skye found more than a little attractive. To cleanse the temple of the magics of the newtling shamans, the heroes engaged on an upriver heroquest with Loka. As always, Grom Ashbringer fell out of the quest half-way, developing an overriding fear of drowning. Skye and Xaraya Greatbow however made their way through the obstacles in their way and helped Loka tame the Water Horse spirit of the temple. For their efforts, Zola Fel blessed each of them with the mark of the Water rune, which would be of aid to them in future watery encounters.

Returning to Ronegarth, the heroes found Duke Raus of Rone freed from the influence of Stalethia, and being visited by Xaraya’s former fiance, Moharo Blessed-by-Waha, who had a plan to drive the Sables from Horn Gate if Duke Raus would agree to it. The trouble was that the Sables had a powerful shaman, who possessed magic knives that could turn the battle against the allies if he used them. Duke Raus asked his champions to scout out the town, secure the alliance of the healers and the non-intervention of the Daughters of Azundati, and to remove the knives from the shaman. On talking to Dyala, it quickly became apparent that Dzhingi would stand with the Sables, but Dyala did not know why. Grom renewed his acquaintance with the beautiful healer Marcilla and secured a promise that the Healers would try to use their influence to stop the Daughters from intervening. Skye, meanwhile, discovered that the shaman had a weakness for pretty girls and wine, so she visited the shaman with several amphoras full, and proceeded to get him drunk while rebuffing his advances. When he finally belched one last time and fell asleep, Skye relieved him of the knives. While this was going on, Xaraya had scouted out the market and discovered a Lunar merchant and painter named Munkaar. Growing suspicious of him, she searched his hut to discover not only that he was a Lunar agent, but also paintings of a naked Dzhingi and further evidence of an amorous relationship between them. Xaraya took this evidence to Dyala and the Healers, but before they could demand an explanation, Munkaar and Dzhingi fled, leaving behind the Sword of Azundati. Dyala took up the Sword and agreed to lead the Daughters in a flanking attack on the Sables when the battle came.

Returning to Ronegarth, it was agreed that there would be a pincer attack on the Sables. Grom would lead Raus’s mercenaries and begin the attack with a hail of fire from Duke Raus’ bows. When the Sables were drawn out, Moharo would lead a bison charge, coordinated with the attack of the Daughters. Everything went as planned. Grom, Skye and Xaraya all distinguished themselves in the fighting, with Grom striking down the Sables’ Storm Khan. However, once the Sables had been driven off and the Bisons had taken their place, victory celebrations were cut short by the news that Dyala had been killed in the fighting.

Marcilla explained that she could not resurrect Dyala as the souls of the Daughters went beneath Horn Gate to join Azundati, their ancestral queen, in her last resting place. If the heroes wished to save Dyala, they would need to venture into the ancient caverns to find her soul before she joined with Azundati permanently. The heroes did so without hesitation, and encountered numerous amazing things on their journey. First was an enormous minotaur, obviously inflicted with chaos, which thankfully did not infect the heroes before they disposed of it. Further on was an enormous cavern, guarded by a little old man, which contained vast animal spirits, which they learned were the Protectors of the tribes, angry male spirits always fighting with each other, which had been placed here by the god Waha to keep them from keeping the tribes in a state of eternal war, but where they could be released shoudl the Devil return to Prax. Xaraya found the Ibex Protector, and learned some things about her tribe.

Going further, the heroes were ambushed by Dzhingi, her golden hand replaced by a cruel iron spike, angry beyond belief at the party for ousting her and, to her mind, killing her daughter. She was accompanied by Munkaar, evidently a powerful sorcerer. Eventually it became apparent that his and Xaraya’s magic were too closely matched, and that Dzhingi, while more than a match for Grom, could not prevail against both Grom and Skye, and the angry lovers teleported away. Finally, the heroes found Dyala’s soul, still making her way to the Cavern of Azundati. When they reached the cavern, they found a thousand souls in torment, tortured by a powerful, godlike spirit – Azundati herself. The great queen’s spirit had been corrupted by chaos (there was speculation later that the minotaur had had something to do with that) and rather than providing a peaceful resting place for her daughters, she had been torturing them for generations. Unequipped to do much against spirits, the heroes were on the verge of having their souls ripped apart when Xaraya managed to smash a jewel in the statue of Azundati that was in the center of the cavern, which destroyed the evil spirit and freed the tormented souls. Dyala, who had helped the heroes, agreed to return with them to her body, having had her hopes of solace dashed.

With Dyala returned to life, she said that henceforth the Daughters would be the Daughters of the Hospital, and gave the Sword of Azundati to Grom. Moharo thanked the adventurers, and made one last attempt to persuade Xaraya to be his number one concubine. The heroes swiftly left Horn Gate and returned to Ronegarth, where they received bad news from the Duke. His enemies in the Lunar Heartland had apparently had all his family assets seized, leaving him unable to pay his debts to the party. He therefore released them from any obligation they might feel towards him, but suggested that with Sacred Time approaching, the party might like to visit Garhound for the famous contests there.


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