Tag: lunar


  • Duke Raus of Rone

    Gruff but honorable lord of Ronegarth Bears a grudge against the Eel-Ariash clan Widowed thanks to [[:muriah]] and her Broo gang Currently Governor-Apparent of Pavis

  • Argorim Blacktooth

    Blacktooth showed an interest in the PCs during their early encounters in Pavis, but was always seen only in the shadows. He may have had some influence over the judges who condemned the PCs to their punishment in the Danfive Xaron brigades. Later, …

  • Munkaar

    A Lunar agent and hedonist, he was masquerading as a merchant in Horn Gate while conveying instructions to the Sables there. He became the lover of [[:Dzhingi]] and fled with her when their secret was discovered.