Secrets of Pavis

Adventures in Pavis

A brief summary of some adventures in the city of Pavis

While Duke Raus of Rone was under the influence of Stalethia the Moondancer, the heroes paid a visit to New Pavis. While asleep in Geo’s, Xaraya woke to find someone trying to break in through her window. Clad only in her nightdress, she wrested the intruder inside and struggled with him. Once subdued, he revealed that a mysterious figure in Riverside had hired him to kidnap one of the women who had recently taken up lodging in Geo’s. Outraged, Xaraya demanded that Erastes lead her and her companions to the intruder’s employer. Xaraya woke Skye and Grom, but only Grom bothered to arm and armor himself properly (despite the laws against wearing armor in Pavis).

Arriving in Riverside via the back alleys, avoiding the patrols, they were able to ambush their putative kidnapper It turned out to be Erastes Fulmen, and Xaraya managed to break both his arms in subduing him. She forced a confession out of him that he was trying to kidnap one of the women on the orders of his mistress, Arantxa Vullen, who was a lover of Sor-Eel the Short. His mistress had agreed to find out more about these mysterious new heroes in town for her lover, it seemed, and her preferred method of doing so was by torture.

Xaraya demanded that Fulmen lead them to Vullen’s house so they could confront her before they would heal him. In considerable pain, he agreed to do so. Unfortunately for the party, the Riverside Boyz street gang, also known as the Dolphins, spotted a pair of attractive young women clad only in nightgowns, and decided to waylay them. The fight was short and unfair, but things took a nasty turn when Grom decided to honor his grim god of death by dispatching a young ruffian who lay unconscious. At this point Erastes joined the surviving Dolphins in crying “Murder!” to summon the trollkin watch. The heroes, not wishing to break more laws, submitted to the watch’s questioning and were led away to the city administration building.

In the offices of Jorjar the Quick, constable of Pavis, the heroes were relieved of all their possessions. Xaraya was particularly miffed to lose her collection of magic crystals. Erastes was also placed in a jail cell, being a known criminal.

A few days later, the trial began. The Riverside Boyz were convicted of unprovoked assault, while Erastes, despite the party’s testimony, was bound over to his mistress to keep the city peace. He left the courtroom smiling and whistling, with an impudent bow in the direction of Xaraya. Eventually Grom was found guilty of manslaughter, with the mitigating circumstances of religious observance and self-defense. Xaraya and Skye were found to be accomplices. Owing to the mitigating circumstances, they were not sentenced to crucifixion, but to be detained at the pleasure of the Seven Mothers cult of Danfive Xaron.

The party were taken to a jail attached to the Seven Mothers temple, where they were stripped, washed, and issued with simple orange tunics. They were introduced to Cakor Deth who was to be the officer overseeing their punishment duty. A day or so later, along with a bunch of other new prisoners, they were ushered in to the main temple, where a Rune Lord of the cult of Danfive Xaron, Nose Ring, preached a sermon to them about the joys of penitence and service to others. Standing at the back of the service was an exceptionally ugly Xaroni leaning on a huge axe, by the name of Splitface, who appeared somewhat cynical about the

After the lecture, Cakor revealed to the party that Splitface would be their patrol leader and that their first task would be to retrieve some artefacts stolen by trolls from a Seven Mothers priestess in the Rubble. Splitface led the party via the Troll Bridge, where they negitiated their way across successfully, and then to the hideout of a gang of trollish bandits. Because of the party’s status as trollfriends, they were able to negotiate the return of the artefacts without bloodshed, much to Splitface’s surprise.

On returning to the barracks, Xaraya was visited by Hetaera Thessen, a priestess of the Seven Mothers, who expressed concern that Xaraya was experimenting with Arkati sorcery.She argued strongly that if Xaraya continued down her path, she would eventually turn into a troll (as had happened to Arkat himself). She tried to urge Xaraya to seek the truth of the Lunar way, but Xaraya rebuffed her advances.

The next expedition was to be much more involved…



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