Impossibly tall merchant woman


In 1550, your grandfather, Aelstar of Swenstown, came to the area with Duke Dorasar to help found New Pavis. Aelstar was a devotee of Harst Brazentongue, the aspect of the Trade god Issaries that deals with trade “logistics,” and was instrumental in setting up the granaries and trading system of the city. His son, Aedramar, born in 1560, was afflicted with wanderlust and became a devotee of Gultha Goldentongue, the so-called Trader Princes. He left the area in 1580 to make his fortune. He traveled to Seshnela, Maniria, the Holy County, Teshnos and Trowjang. On his trip to Trowjang he gained a blessing and a curse.

His blessing was to find a wife, one of the fabled Amazons of Trowjang. Beautiful, strong, tall and, erm, willful, Tarazmeh had been shipwrecked on a raiding expedition and marooned on an island Aedramar visited in the hopes of finding trade goods. After Tarazmeh had bested him in battle, Aedramar bargained with her for his life and tricked her into coming with him as his wife rather than returning to Trowjang and her previous husband, the god Tolat.

The curse, however, was that on the same island he found a piece of the skin of the dead god Genert. While not technically obliged to return the piece to the Wastes, Aedramar decided that it would advance his standing within the cult to do so, and perhaps even earn him Rune status. Aedramar and his wife therefore returned to the Zola Fel valley, setting up home in the village of Weis, where Aedramar prepared for his journey. Tarazmeh, however, refused to let him go on his expedition without giving her a child first. Aedramar prayed mightily that their union be blessed, and his prayers were answered. You were born in 1599, the largest child ever born in the village of Weis. Although the people of Weis had been wary of the tall, red/gold-skinned woman, they were happy to see such a strong child born to their Trader Prince. A month or so later, Aedramar set off on his quest. He never returned.

Tarazmeh brought you up almost as an Amazon, and was delighted to see you grow so tall. After a few years, she wrote your father off and took up with an Agimori warrior named Aleem the Hammer, making your family the most exotic in Weis by quite some distance.

Although your mother raised you with the legends of the god Tolat, and her other deities Chanaya Sea-Conquering-Daughter and Na Quen the Warrior, there was no cult infrastructure. Instead, you followed in your father’s footsteps, joining the cult of Issaries Goldentongue. Thanks to your size and glamour, by the age of 15 you were quite able to hold your own in bargaining and soon began trading expeditions up and down the Zola Fel river. Within a few years, you had established trading relationships in Pavis, Garhound, High Water, Chomoro, Lokazzi and Corflu. Understandably drawing attention wherever you went, you quickly came to the notice of Brygga Scissortongue, Mayor of New Pavis, who wants to groom an Issaries worshipper to supplant the Lunar worshippers of Etyries who currently control the Trade Temple in New Pavis (Valerina the Peddlar, whom you have always found fair, and Pharnastes Rugbagian). You also have very good relations with the Zola Fel cult, and are and initiate.

Since you left home, your mother and her consort have spent more time among the Agimori, where she is able to hunt and remind herself of her youth on Trowjang. She does not appear to be ageing, mysteriously, a quality that you are not sure you have inherited or not.

One of your ambitions is one day to find out what fate befell your father. You do have his Tally Notes, which contains a list of contacts in most cities along the southern coast from Seshnela to Teshnos.

You have joined the current expedition because Garrath Sharpsword asked Brygga to recommend a trader who could handle themselves in a fight and would also provide the various detection and evaluation services needed on what is in some ways a looting expedition. If you can establish friendly relations with the Argan Argar traders of the Gunddahaakk clan, that would also add to your network.

Your Folk Magic:

Learned from your mother: Leap Over Logs, Count Foes Quickly, Ignite Camp Fire
Learned from cult: Convince Buyer, Convince Seller, Recognize Magical Object

Unusual Skills

Learned from your mother: Theology (Tolat), Speak Trowjangi
Learned from Issaries cult: Theology (Issaries), Theology (Lightbringers), Tally, Speak with Hands
Learned from Zola Fel cult: Theology (Zola Fel), Boating, Language (Riverspeech)


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