Grom Ashbringer

Humakti veteran swordsmaster


From the Cleveduni clan of the Yeavering Tribe of Sartar, your character was born of noble stock. Your father, Jarstakos, was at one point clan chief and king of the Tribe, but was removed from office before your birth because of some intra-clan dispute that spilled over into tribal politics. He remained Warleader, however, and so you were born (in 1587) to be a Weaponthane of the tribe at the very least.

Four years after your birth, the Lunars invaded Sartar. The Yeaverings were foremost in the defense of the Principality. Your father died in 1597, when you were ten. Too young to become Warleader, you saw the position go to the Humakti warrior-woman Orkala. She inspired you to pursue the path of the Humakti warrior yourself.

In 1602, disaster struck. Runegate Fort, manned by many Yeaverings, fell, and the Sartar capital of Boldhome fell soon after. With many Weaponthanes killed, Orkala insisted that you be raised to the rank of Weaponthane. With the death of ill-starred Prince Salinarg in late 1602, Sartar was left without a Prince. Khangarl, King of the Yeaverings, grew in importance, but he could not make the Flame of Sartar flicker. You learned the art of fighting the hard way beside him and Orkarla. Yet the Lunars shattered your clan’s Tula, and the tribe was scattered.

You were initiated into the cult of Humakt in 1605, when you undertook a holy task in the dreaded Upland Marsh and slew all the Undead you could find there. You accompanied Enjossi, a member of your Tribe ring, when he visited the Pol-Joni tribe of Prax (horse-riders) to ask for their assistance in 1607. Sadly, the Pol-Joni were attacked and defeated by an alliance of Beast Nomads during your visit. You slew a Storm Bull berserker from the Rainbow Bison clan in the fight.

Ironically, the defeat of the Orlanthi Pol-Joni drew the Lunars into Prax, seeking to exploit the division. Furthermore, the Lunars were beaten. This allowed the embattled Yeaverings to coalesce again. Yet they struggled with the Elmali of the Far Place, who had been granted much of the old Yeavering tribal lands by the Lunars. [Either you gained a grudging respect for the sun-worshippers and their Yelmalion allies, or you developed an intense dislike of them.] Also during this time, the Telmori wolfmen, who had earlier destroyed the Maboder Tribe, turned their attention to the Yeaverings and inflicted great losses [again, you either gained a respect or a dislike for the wolf-brothers.]

In 1610, the Lunars conquered Prax and Pavis, and with their attention elsewhere, the resisting Tribes of Sartar began planning. You followed Orkala and Khangarl in their part in the planning, and gained an appreciation of the arts of battle. You were privileged to meet the beautiful Kallyr Starbrow, who soon became the focus of the plans [and ever since have idolized or had some other strong emotional reaction to Vingan warrior-women.] Yet in 1613, everything came to naught. Despite Starbrow’s Rebellion meeting initial success, including a triumphant entry into Boldhome where Kallyr made the Flame of Sartar flicker, suggesting she might become Prince of Sartar, the rebellion failed. The Lunars scattered your forces, and it was the last time the Yeaverings could be called a Tribe. The pretender Temertain made the Flame flicker and was installed as Prince of Sartar by Fazzur Wideread, the Lunar general whose brilliance thwarted all your plans.

In 1615, you saw Orkala and your king for the last time. Orkala entered a Heroquest, but did not come out, as far as you know, which at least means she did not die on the quest but instead became lost on the Hero Plane. King Khangarl took this as a bad omen, and dissolved the tribe. You went South to Heortland, where you joined the Hendriki of King Broyan as a Thane, fighting with the Esvular heretics (who believe Orlanth is a Saint of the Invisible God). However, the Esvular were victorious and with the mysterious disappearance of the Pharoah, the High King of the Holy Country, any hope of the Hendriki leading the Holy Country to victory over the Lunars again disappeared.

In 1617, you left the Hendriki for Knight Fort in the Border Marches. From there, you went to Barbarian Town in 1618, alternately trading and feuding with the Praxian nomads, and joining up once again with the Pol-Joni. The nomad lifestyle, however, is not for you, and when you heard that Caerthan of the Pol-Joni was to be married to a girl from Pavis County this year, you decided you would accompany him and try your luck in Pavis. At the very least, you know that the “Big Rubble” of Pavis is a veritable reliquary of ancient magicks. Perhaps somewhere in there you will find a way to help or rescue Orkala, or discover the means to reunite the Yeavering tribe and liberate your Tula.

In all this time, you have never married. Time is running out if you are to keep the line of Jastarkos going. Should Khangarl fall, you would have some claim to the clan chiefdom, and thereby the tribal kingship. An heir would help secure that.

Given your wanderings, you have never had the chance to set down roots with a Humakti temple. Orkala is your model for a Humakti hero, but you know if you are to find or aid her, you must have closer links with your god and his cult.

Your tribal ring, as you last knew it:

Khangarl, King, Hero of Orlanth Rex, with Starbrow?
Orkala, Warleader, Hero of Humakt, missing on the Hero Plane
Jarnander, Lawspeaker, devotee of Lhankor Mhy, whereabouts unknown
Garnerva, Hero of Ernalda, may be in Esrolia
Vininna, Trickster, whereabouts unknown, but no change there
Voskandra, Hero of Uralda, famed magician, with Starbrow?
Enjossi, Hero of Barntar, went eastwards, so may be in Pavis County

Grom Ashbringer

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