The *other* survivor of the Ibex People


Your father was a shaman of the Ibex, your mother a woman of the Pol-Joni Nation, a strange people who ride horses – hated by the other Nations and Tribes of Prax – and worship foreign spirits they call gods.

When the Ibex People massed for the battle at which they were destroyed, your father sent you to a cave to hide, for the spirits told him that the Sables and their allies had strange and powerful magic. When you left the cave and found everyone dead, you called on Foundchild the Hunter for help. He sent you a wolf spirit to help you hunt, and you soon found a wolf in the hills who aided you.

You decided to seek out your mother’s people, the Pol-Joni, and found them at Tourney Altar. With a charm your mother had given you, you convinced them that you were of their blood, and they adopted you. They taught you to hunt and their shaman instructed you further in the ways of spirits, even if they call Foundchild by the strange name of Odayla, and insist that he is a god. You also learned to ride a horse, much to your shame.

You have become firm friends with a warrior called Stikklebrixx, a follower of the spirit you know as Storm Bull, the foe of chaos, although “Brixx” calls him Urox. Brixx is a braggart and a drunk, like most of his kind, but a strong warrior and a loyal friend.

Brixx has bet you that he will get a wife before you, but most of the girls of the tribe are wary of Brixx’s drunkenness and your half-breed status. So when Brixx heard from a merchant at Tourney Altar that there was to be contest in Garhound, across the river in the civilized land called Pavis County, where the prize was the most beautiful woman in Prax, he decided he had to enter. You have come with him, perhaps to aid him, perhaps to enter the contest yourself to beat him to the prize.

You have also heard that a detachment of Sables resides in Garhound, imposed on them by the Lunars. From what you gathered from the merchants at Tourney Altar, they were part of the tribe that wiped out your people. As the sole survivor of the Lesser Ibex this side of Vulture Country, you relish the opportunity for revenge.

Finally, Garhound will be a good place from which you can strike out to the Tunneled Hills, where perhaps you can find other members of the Lesser Ibex and convince the Greater Ibex to mass and return to destroy the Sables and drive the Lunars out of Prax.


Secrets of Pavis Ultor