An Arkati Fragment

…fools and schismatics. There is a simple truth about our Lord Arkat and it can be best understood by this story.

When Arkat returned from the Tower of Dreams atop the City of Miracles, bearing the dismembered parts of Gbaji he turned to the companion he loved the most and said, “Take these to the farthest parts of our lands and dispose of them. They cannot come too near me. Should I ever touch them again the world will end.” The companion he loved the most shook his head, and said he could not bear to carry the parts of the deceiver, for if they would destroy the world if they touched Lord Arkat, surely they would destroy him if he took them up. Lord Arkat held the forearm of the companion he loved the most and said, “If you have faith in me, the Deceiver cannot harm you. It is I alone who am prey to the Deceiver. I have looked upon him at his best and at his worst, and I understand him. It is because I understand him that I cannot face him again. Show me you have faith in me, and take up his remains.” The companion he loved the most took up his remains, and carried them to the farthest reaches of their lands, and disposed of them, and was not harmed.

The Deceiver cannot harm those who understand the path of Arkat. Yet those who come closest to Him are most liable to fall into the clutches of Gbaji. Even at this perilous stage, Arkat provides a safe haven. Only through Arkat can the Deceiver be perceived truly. Yet those who fail in faith in the presence of Lord Arkat are truly lost to the Deceiver.

The fools of the Kastovisti heresy invert this truth to say that the Deceiver led Lord Arkat astray. They imply that the Deceiver shall rise again because Lord Arkat failed, and talk about a young girl who will become a goddess within Time and bring light in the night. These particular schismatics have less merit than the Chaos Monks, and shall…

The fragment ends here. Its author is believed to be Kautomedes, an adept who resided at Hrelar Amali until the God Learners came and conquered the holy city. They took him to Frowal where they questioned him to death. Whether they believed his theories is open to debate.

An Arkati Fragment

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