Draconic Illumination skill

Draconic Illumination (INT+POW)

Draconic Illumination is the ability of a draconic mystic to tap into the essential forces of the Cosmic Dragon which permeates all creation. When using the skill the mystic is temporarily perceiving the universe through the Cosmic Dragon’s eyes and gains a small amount of the Cosmic Dragon’s infinite power when doing so.

Casting any Draconic Mysticism spell requires a successful Draconic Illumination skill roll. The caster may suffer from Losing the Path, as described in Glorantha: The Second Age.

Draconic Illumination can also be used in a variety of different situations

• In place of Perception, when attempting the perceive the nature of magical effects, supernatural entities, and so forth.

• Against hostile spirits: Draconic Illumination allows the mystic to enter into spirit combat as though he has the Spirit Binding skill as described in the RuneQuest Core Rules. The damage the mystic inflicts during Spirit Combat is determined as per the Spirit Damage Table on page 139 of RuneQuest II.

• In place of Persistence when resisting magic that requires Persistence as the Resistance roll.

Draconic Illumination cannot exceed the highest of Dance, Insight or Meditation.

Note the capability for draconic mystics to battle spirits. This is not Spirit Walking, but it is spirit binding. There is nothing to prevent a draconic mystic from subduing and binding spirits just as a shaman does, although few draconic mystics would ever establish a fetch.

Draconic Illumination skill

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