Loose Ends

The Mirrors in the Blind King’s Palace

The books you obtained in the Blind King’s Palace

The Hall of the Nighttide Dancers – what to do about them?

Future of Izis the harem girl and Gak the Troll Eunuch

Moharo Blessed-by-Waha wants to go to war with the Sables in Horn Gate and has called a war council very soon

Duke Raus and Stalethia the Moondancer is she leading him astray?-

The Baby

Kyger Litor told Xaraya to “seek the Kingtroll”

Grom agreed to help train the warriors of the Gundahaak clan

Who is “Runeface” – the mysterious female who led the Zorak Zoran worshippers to take over the Gundahaak clan?

Grom is still looking for survivors of his Sartarite clan

All the items in the Journal of Federang Sandpiper

The dragon Krang told Skye that she must go to Hell and find a banner

Skye wants a Katana, but they are only given to foreigners by the School of Celestial Defense in Lur Nop

Loka the Zola Fel priest you installed in Five Eyes Temple – he said he’d call on you for help

Harmo the Stepson was looking for a caravan merchant in Pavis

Amur An Zed, shipmate of Barran the Monster-Slayer, came with you to Pavis – you said you’d do a job for him

Grom’s Shadow Cat

Signs of human construction in the Hellpits of Nightfang

Loose Ends

Secrets of Pavis Ultor