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Secrets of Pavis is a Runequest III campaign based initially in and around Pavis and the Big Rubble. It may migrate to Mongoose Runequest or to HeroQuest. UPDATE: It did, and is now being run under the fabulous MRQ2 rules. FURTHER UPDATE: Currently being run still under MRQ2/Legend but with some RQ6 rules as House Rules. Will fully convert to RQ6 once Adventures in Glorantha is out.

Some initial notes

Xaraya’s people, The Ibex People

Basic introduction to the campaign

Brief description of Sun County

Two tales by my old friend Nick Fortune that are cannon in this campaign (well, insofar as that means anything – read the tales)

The Tale of the Normal Newts

Lies of Glorantha

Some important Wiki pages

Pavic Grimoires

Rune Powers

Extracts from the Journal of Federang Sandpiper

Myths of Humakt, Vinga, and Arkat

Draconic Illumination skill

Link to The Xeotam Dialogues – important for understanding the Western approach to sorcery and the Gods.

Sample spirits of the Waha and Foundchild traditions

Loose Ends for the party to tie up

Main Page

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