Pavis is three things: one was a hero and two are cities named after him.

Pavis was a hero and visionary from the Empire of the Wyrm’s Friends. He learned from the Earth worshippers the story of lost Genert, from the Elves the ways of growing, and from the Dwarfs the ways of stone. He had the gifts of making friends, bringing opposing sides together, and inspiring others with the enthusiasm of his dreams. It is fairly well known that Pavis was a half-elf, and this unusual state of being is widely believed to have been a result of unusual magic available during the days of the bizarre ‘EWF’.

Pavis liberated the ruins of Robcradle from the nomads and giants, and allied with many of his new neighbors, including the local Earth Tribe. When the city was securely founded, Pavis, who had exhausted himself to realise this dream, retired into the place of myths, where he joined the ranks of the old gods. Unfortunately those who continued his work were not so skilled as Pavis and his original companions, and their mythic explorations backfired catastrophically on the city. Pavis is still able to watch over his people and provide them with some powers, but the wondrous dreams and spectacular magics of the city’s heyday are now but folk-tales.

Old Pavis did not long survive the withdrawal of its eponymous founder. It was attacked repeatedly by nomads, who were able to wear down the city’s defenses, and then a massive troll army broke the walls, swarmed into the city and then sealed it with magic for 300 years. Eventually, the dragonnewts accidentally, it seems, broke the troll magics, and outsiders could visit it again. They found a ruined city, with vast troll stronglands, and the occasional brave survivors holding out in forts within the city. It became known as the Big Rubble, and a source of forays for treasure-hunters and archeologists alike.

About a hundred years ago, Duke Dorasar and his followers came from Sartar to found the colony of Pavis-outside-the-walls, or New Pavis. This is a tiny city by comparison, but is a haven of peace and supplies compared with the Rubble. It surrendered without a fight to the Lunars in 1610.


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