Second Age Pavis notes

King Jhanas Kyree, wife Queen Enthara, one baby daughter Jhora

Heir Apparent Prince Jhanor, younger brother

Anyone entering city for first time will be sent to the Steward Hall

Singing Zebras will arrest anyone with a weapon not bound to a scabbard with scarlet ribbon, bigger than a broadsword, or a long-hafted weapon or bow.

The Dragon Statue has its tail curling round to enter its mouth

There is a small Ibex People encampment in the Plains District. Chieftain is Vostaro Farsight.

There is a Foreigners’ Quarter not marked on the map, where the troll stronglands are in 1621 Pavis.

Zebras are much stronger and bigger than Third Age variety – bigger than horses of Pure Horse People

Ginkizzie currently has no beard

Troll caverns are actually beneath the Foreigners’ Quarter

Rainbold and Folded Wing are actually located near the Dragonewt temple site

The Templars keep order in the Foreigners’ Quarter

God’s Hill is the site of many temples.

Second Age Pavis notes

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