Silver Whispers Descending

Dragonewt Tailed Priest


After SWD’s FutureQuest, he revealed the following in visions to the PCs:

A beautiful woman with leathery wings
A naked male vampire, with runes and grime all over its body
A wizard’s tower at night, with lightning behind it
Deep dark caverns, with a glistening forest of fungus
A black broo with a bear’s head, its fangs drooling
A small girl full of malice
A bubbling pile of chaos
Vindrman Sol Veir, decapitating someone
The Lunar Coders, staring at them
The baby they found suddenly growing into a golden adult, a god
The Lunar governor of Pavis shouting at them
A gigantic cradle floating down a swollen river, bearing a gigantic baby
A severe winter, bringing snow and ice even to the plains of Prax
A Wyrm’s Friend and a God Learner, staring at one another
A striking red-haired Orlanthi Queen (Grom will recognize her as Kallyr Starbrow)
A ship rising up to the heavens
A vast Dragon’s head, rising up and breaking out of a hilltop, devouring a huge building

Silver Whispers Descending

Secrets of Pavis Ultor