Former street thief turned Vingan warrior


You have no idea who your parents are – or were. Your earliest memories are of scavenging for scraps in the alleys of Riverside, fighting off dogs and shadow cats with a small knife. You remember being caught by a man named Nobby, who adopted you into his gang of urchins, Nobby’s Nippers. For the first time you felt that you had a home. You thieved for Nobby and his older “nippers” and received food and a dry, safe place to sleep in return.

After you turned ten, Nobby introduced you to his boss, Rat, leader of the Hole Lords. Rat always wore a mask and you have no idea who he is apart from his nickname. He had you undertake more difficult tasks, some in the Rubble itself, and you became an accomplished cat burglar for a while. You also became a protectoress for the younger girls in the gang, and one day you came across your friend Shalreena being molested by three large men outside Rowdy Djoh Lo’s. Springing to the attack, you stuck one in the leg, but the other two turned on you with murderous intent. You likely would have died that day had not two Vingan warrior-women come out of the tavern at precisely the right moment. They slew one of the villains and drove the other two off.

It so happened that one of the women was Aelflaedd, Priestess of the Vinga Temple. Not only was she impressed by your spirit, but she noticed the red in your hair beneath the grime. She took you to the temple, slightly against your will, cleaned you up and proposed that you become a Vingan warrior. Seeing the camaraderie of the women at the temple, not to mention the luxurious (by your standards) living quarters, you agreed to her training. The Hole Lords sent a tough to try to reclaim you on more than one occasion, but they always left with their tail between their legs, as it were.

You swiftly gained a reputation as a mischief-maker, but also as a tough fighter and a good [if not particularly hard-working – your option] learner. You were increasingly exposed to more dangerous jobs, such as guarding a Chalanna Arroy priestess on a mission of mercy into the heart of the Rubble, when you tangled with both trolls and elves [your choice on whether you like or dislike either or both intensely]. In particular, Aelflaedd thought you had potential with magic, and taught you rather more than your colleagues.

In your last outing on behalf of the temple before this trip, you found yourself squaring off against Satorell Vullen, an evil woman, one of the so-called Daughters of Darkness, who had been enslaving nomad women to sell to the Lunars. Aelflaedd let you duel her, and you vanquished her, taking her handsome chainmail shirt as a prize (Aelflaedd had the Flintnail dwarves fit it to your size). At least partly because of Vullen’s powerful connections, Aelflaedd sent you with Enfrewa to get out of town for a while.

Religion: You have an ecumenical history. As a youngster in Riverside, you grew up propitiating the river itself, Zola Fel. When in the Hole Lords, you participated in the worship of Lanbril, the shadow lord, but also Pavis, the city god. At 18, you were initiated into the cult of Vinga, and also the local spirits, Pavis and Zola Fel. You remain a lay member of the cult of Lanbril.

Relationships: As a resident of Pavis, you have a number of friendships and rivalries in the city.

Aelflaedd: Although barely old enough to be your mother, the Priestess has been your surrogate mother. She regards you as a favorite, if naughty, child and would do a great deal to help you. You always have a place to stay at the Temple as long as she remains there, and you can likely have that privilege extended to any female friend.

Enfrewa the Red Woman: Enfrewa is, in many ways, your role model. She was your age now when you came to the temple and you have tried to model yourself after her, even if you have never quite managed to match her standards. You know that Enfrewa is destined to succeed Aeflaedd and are happy with the idea.

Galen Pechoi: “Gale” is your best friend and a contemporary. She is the only survivor of a very rich family and could easily be living a life of luxury, but something compels her to dedicate her life to protecting and avenging women. She only ever seems to dress in black leather, which is unusual. You know her secret: while Vingans are not expected to be celibate (unlike those stuck-up Yelornans), she has been having a long-running affair with someone at her family house on Rich Hill. Aelflaedd would surely expel her for this. You also worry that she might be developing a crush on Jodred, the Humakti Sword who you know has a geas of celibacy. Galen is as charming as they come and would be hard even for a Humakti to resist.

Salreena: Your best friend from Nobby’s Nippers and the Hold Lords, Salreena remains a thief. She regards you now as a traitor, but some lingering affection remains. If you need information, she is your main source in the city’s underbelly and can be contacted via Rowdy Djoh Lo’s.

Broosta, Daughter of Pavis: You have guarded Broosta on occasion during trips into the Rubble. She owes you no particular favor, but you believe she likes you.

Arantxa Vullen: Sister of the Daughter of Darkness you slew, you suspect this rich and powerful woman is another member of that evil group. You don’t know if she knows you killed her sister.

Garren Haldorsson: A young Orlanthi from the retinue of Krogar Wolfhelm, he has been very friendly towards you, with ulterior motives, you suspect.

Haskon: The closest thing to a boyfriend you ever had, a contemporary from the Hole Lords. He has become a large thug and clearly carries not so much a torch as an entire Nuremberg Rally for you.

Rat: You believe he still resents the way you deserted him after he helped you so.


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